Buying the Right Coffee Machine (Capsules vs Traditional)

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Buying a coffee machine can be an incredibly daunting challenge, a balance of what you need vs. what you want, quality vs. price and capsules vs. do it yourself.


As you can see it can be confusing to say the least, which is why it is essential to realise there is no right coffee machine, but rather the right coffee machine for you.


Every machine has unique qualities from column A and/or from column B, offering different services for different tastes.


The trick is to understand not only what you want but also what you really need from your coffee.


To make it even easier for you here is a helpful explanation of arguably the biggest issue to consider when buying a coffee machine:


Coffee Capsules or DIY


There is no doubt there is something special about making coffee the traditional way- picking the roasted beans, weighing them with a scale, grinding them with a specialty grinder, packing them in, tamping it, placing the handle in the machine, pouring the perfect espresso, finding a quality jug, pouring the milk in the jug, carefully steaming the milk with the steaming wand carefully waiting for it to reach the right temperature and combining the two to create your coffee. If everything is done right, then you will have yourself a tasty fresh coffee.


But there is also something incredibly annoying about making coffee the traditional way. It takes an extraordinary amount of time, requires an enormous amount of skill and is open to countless errors before you even combine the coffee.


With coffee capsules it is as easy as putting the capsule in the machine and pressing the button. That’s it.


Capsules come prepackaged, often vacuum packed, ready to make the perfect espresso.


Previously it was a common argument that coffee capsules weren’t of the same quality as traditionally made coffee, which perhaps used to be true, but is no longer really the case.


For instance the EP Maxi coffee machine uses Lavazza Italian coffee capsules, which are packed with some of the coffee company’s better known blends, the type you normally have in coffee shops.


In this case coffee capsules isn’t a sacrifice in quality, in fact, it is simply an improvement of the previously time consuming task.


As you can see, if process is important to you, then keeping making coffee the traditional way. Nothing wrong with it at all.


If results are important to you and process less so, go for a capsule coffee machine. They are cheaper, quicker and most of all consistent. A great coffee every time.

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