Buying the right dog bed to suit your dogs needs

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Buying the right dog bed can be extremely confusing ! What may look great to you does not suit your best mates needs.

This can even get more harder when you own a large to extra large dog as you require extra size,strength and support.

So what is the best type of dog bed ?

One of the best all round dog bed is the raised dog bed.

What makes these beds so great for your dog ?

As you can see by the photo they are up off the ground which means

  1. Increase airflow around dog. Cooler in Summer, reduces smells and odours.
  2. Great for Winter as it gets them off the cold floor you can also buy futons or lambswool covers for extra warmth
  3. Assists arthritic,elderly or dogs rehabilitating from injury as the bed supports the animals weight and gets them off the hard floor.
  4. Extra comfort, like sleeping in a hammock
  5. Flea deterrent as the animal is up out of the dirt and the cover needs to be closely weaved for extra deterrent of fleas.

There are more and more of these beds on the market, so buying the right bed can be extremely confusing.What to look for in buying the right raised bed.

  1. Frame, The frame must be strong to support your dogs weight and to last, even lighter sized dogs can really put the frame to the test. Avoid frames which are screwed at the joints as these can break.
  2. Cover, As with the frame the cover must be made of a material which is extra strong to support dogs digging,rolling and chewing. It is no use having a strong frame and the cover does not last.
  3. Plenty of stock of canvas covers, no matter how strong the cover for the bed is it will eventually wear out so make sure that the supplier has plenty in stock.
  4. Removable cover, make sure that the cover is easily removable for cleaning and replacement
  5. Size, Ensure that the size suits your dog and if you have an elderly dog that it is not to far off the floor
  6. Flea resistant alot of these types of beds now have the cover as a flea resistant type of cover. This means that the weaving is close enough so that fleas do not breed there. Canvas is one of your best all round type of materials

Dog bed extra large

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