Buying wholesale, selling retail

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Today's electronic communication is a great way of doing everything that depends on communication in general; not only exchanging opinions and messages, but sharing, learning, discovering, ofering etc. That's where buying comes in. I know that you know that. Give me a chance.
In old Europe, Indian spices used to come to Europe via caravans, a chain of horses, mules and donkies which took months of traveling and endured robery attacks, other land taxes, ride-through taxes, private land crossing fees, even bridge crossing fees, etc. So, by the time they reached the end consumer, product had increased in price ten-fold and more.
Ships were not much better way of transport either, as you had pirates, bad weather, taxes again etc.
Last two centuries were a lot better, but still very expensive on transport as importers had to buy a gamble, not knowing exact number of sales they were going to make and what's going to happen to left overs.
This is our 21st Century chance now.
Everything is easily accessible, no matter where it is; you get the pictures, prices, you get to talk about the products, negotiate deals on shipping and so on. You can even send an agent to negotiate for you. But where do you get all that? Will you get ripped off? Will you get the exact product as described? How will you sell all MOQ? Can you afford to have many kinds of products - you will end up with 1000 000's of them?
The answer is to buy from someone who has a reputation (eBay trusted seller in this case) and whom you can reach in many ways, who offers different size lots and secure payments, many shipping options, at a good prices, with proof of sales on eBay.
Sounds too hard to find someone like that?
Keep trying, you will succeed.

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