C.O.A. Signed NRL Rugby League Jersey. AFL Jumper

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Hi Folks, let's help make ebay safer for all concerned.!

When looking at or wanting to purchase or bidding on a "signed rugby league jersey ", or "signed AFL Jumper", please take some of these points into consideration.

 A seller offering a C.O.A, or Certificate of Authenticity needs to have a collectors lisence to be able to offer a C.O.A.. A collectors licence costs upwards of $250,000. An auction company like Sotherbys of London for instance has a collectors licence, Superstars & Legends do also, a seller on ebay with a colour printer does not! A genuine C.O.A. will add many $'s to your collectable in future years, a signed rugby jersey from a seller on ebay without a Lisence to give a C.O.A. is not worth the price of the jersey it is signed on to a collector in future years!

It costs upwards of $400 to get a jersey Authenticated by a genuine collector, that is the real price of the collectable, that will add $'s to your item.

UACC; United Autograph collectors club. Means nothing! Anyone can send an email & join the UACC, this does not give you a collectors lisence!

 The only acception to these rules is if you are purchasing direct from a Rugby League or AFL Club, they may provide for you a "letter of Authenticity" or a "letter of origin", this will help you sell your collectable on one day, it also keeps the profits in the hands of your club & favourite players of the NRL - AFL & Super Rugby. A lot of AFL & NRL clubs have online auctions thesedays where you can purchase an Authentic item

People selling these signed rugby jerseys are taking your money, & using the names of Celebrities to gain profit for themselves. No money goes back to any players or clubs, they are infact ripping off your favourite Rugby & AFL players for thier own benefit.


Easy folks, let us tell you how!
 All of these people have one thing in common, all they do is slave their 4-5 or 10 year olds or teen kids to Training sessions, Family fun days & sign sessions put on by the club during the summer or pre-season.. When teams arrive or leave via the airport, ANYONE can do this with a little knowledge of how, so let's tell you.
 Just about every team in the NRL-AFL- Super Rugby, have thier training times on the Internet site, all you do is look the times up, pack the car up with kids -jerseys & markers & hang around the car park at the oval where training is taking place. It is best to do this midweek as usually all squad members must be at training midweek & you will have a better chance of getting more signatures on your jersey. It is possible but a lot harder to get these signatures game days also. You can also go to the airport. Most players are happy to sign while waiting for there bags at the airport, you can call the club during the week, tell them you want to take your kids to meet the players & you can't get to the game, they will tell you when the plane arrives, maybe even what Hotel they are staying at, following the bus from the game will tell you this to. Radio & TV stations also have this information.

 Do it yourself folks, the jersey will mean a lot more to you & your boy / girl if they can meet the players & get his or her own jersey signed.

Next time ask the seller if they have a licence, most have absoloutely no idea. These C.O.A. views are in affect on ebay in the U.S.A., go to the US site & search C.O.A., you may get a shock!

Cheers & happy hunting from SUO.

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