CHAINSAW starting the easy,safest way

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Starting a chainsaw the easy & best way is not what I've seen most people do,I've been a soft-wood harvester and trained remote area fire-fighter and hold several chainsaw/tree-felling qualifications and I will pass on an advanced, simple, safe, O.H & S approved and effective way to start any chainsaw except the very largest with a decompression switch.

Most people who don't use the standing start method sit the saw on the ground, try to jamb their boot through the handle & hunch over it & rip on the starter T handle, near impossible and not the best way and if your in the forest with slash & sticks all over the ground or you've got a size 12 steel-cap boot like me that won't fit through the handle or if your 30ft off the ground up a tree.

The way I start a chainsaw is.......

Turn the saw to RUN, set CHOKE position, chain brake OFF, standing straight upright with your feet slightly apart, grasping the chainsaws front loop handle with your left hand lift the chainsaw up and place the rear handle into the area between your upper inner thighs, tilt the saw slightly side-ways to the right then clamp the rear handle with your inner legs,with your right hand reach between your body & left hand on the front handle & slowly pull starter T handle until piston compression is felt,re-grab lost cord then pull the starter T handle sharply.

This method gives you a straight back while starting,keeps the saw chain away from sticks & debris that will get tangled in the chain and gives you a stable footing,you will find it easier to start chainsaws.

The other common mistake I see people using chainsaws make is how they grip the front and rear chainsaw handles when cutting, the correct way is with both the thumbs curled right around the grips so your hand forms an O grip around the handles, like you would grip a motorcycle handlebar, the wrong way is to have your thumb sitting along or parallel with the handle that only gives a partial grip or C grip and the chainsaw can buck out of your hand easier and you have less control over it.

Thanks for voting for this guide if you found the information and feel free to contact me via the eBay system if you want to ask a question.

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