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Is your Chrysler valiant exhibiting annoying vibrations coming from the front of the vehicle at speeds over 100 Ks and nothing you do seems to correct this problem. After replacing all the front end parts including shockers, Balancing your wheels all round front end alignment to specs and you still are having vibrations then its time to check that chassis rail as this may more than likely be your problem. As the Australian manufactured Chrysler's and valiants have a tendency to have cracks in the right hand rail or rust more than the left side due to the steering box movement, To do a proper inspection it is wise to remove the steering box and clean the rail getting off all the grim build up so as you can inspect it more closely as hair line cracks are hard to see using a good strong light may help in finding these, As you can't miss a badly cracked or rusted rail. Power steering models are more likely to have cracks in the rail as experience has shown. Most of these problem rails seem to be in the range from VE VF VG VH VJ VK CL CM series.

Also check the following probable causes.

Faulty universal joint's, bent or out of balance tail shaft, broken engine & gearbox mounts can also give you vibrations. 

Don't be afraid of giving the area a good coating of fish oil if there are no problems before refitting the steering box and if you have fitted a sleeve give it another coating of fish oil let dry and repaint rail. Stitch welding is the best way to go if one weld cracks it won't run the full length of the rail.

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