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Okay, so you're a seller.  You've had a hectic week at work and posting off your ebay items and it's Friday night.  You want to relist some items, and put up some new items for sale on ebay, while you have some spare time.

Simple matter - but DON'T DO IT.

Why?  Simply because it's Friday night.

When listing, you need to consider the time that your item will finish.  Will it be Friday night when most of the population are out at the movies, dinner, concert, or exhausted after a week at work?  Will it be Saturday through the day when most parents are transporting their children to sports, dance, parties?  Will it be Saturday evening when most people tend to catch up with friends, snuggle down for a good dvd or go out on the town?  Will it be Sunday when many people attend religious gatherings, sporting venues, catch the big game on TV?

These things need to be considered because not only do they affect whether your item sells or not, but many times how much your item sells for.

I can't tell you the number of times I have picked up an absolute bargain, simply because the item was listed without fore-thought.  Last New Years Eve, I picked up a number of these bargains - because sellers hadn't thought before listing their item - that MOST Australians are out partying to at least 1:00am on this day.

In my opinion, the best time to list an item is Sunday evening.  On Sunday evenings most people are home, having enjoyed their week-end's activities, and are preparing for the work day on Monday.  They usually catch an early night, as opposed to Friday and Saturday nights.  Many people "chill" on Sunday evenings, and spending time browsing through ebay is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, I believe that the best time to list is between 6:30pm and 9:30pm, keeping in mind that Australia has several different time zones and daylight savings zones.

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