Caffeine Supplements for Body Builders Working Out in the Gym

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Elite athletes are constantly looking for new and of course legal ways to improve performance. There is a broad range of effective methods whether it is pre-workout supplements to improve training, or amino acid supplementation to improve muscle growth but the answer to big boosts in athleticism may lie in a rather commonplace product.

The product I’m referring to is caffeine. Caffeine is a trusted and reliable chemical which has been proven without a doubt to have profound effects on an individual’s focus, energy levels, and metabolism. Caffeine can act as a potent vasodilator which increases blood flow to muscles and other vital organs, allowing oxygen to reach critical areas to avoid soreness and get the most out of a workout.

The physical and mental effects of caffeine combine to make an individual feeling motivated and energized for an entire workout. TheJournal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness performed an experiment on subjects who had to perform resistance exercise, with and without the aid of caffeine. The experiment concluded that caffeine improved the number of repetition until failure and lower rate of perceived exertion. The test subjects also reports less perceived muscle soreness when administered caffeine before a resistance workout.

Caffeine is a common ingredient in many supplements but can also be taken as a capsule on its own to directly benefit from the specific effects of caffeine. It should be noted that, while caffeine is no longer considered a performance enhance drug, it was banned in the Olympics decades ago for its known ability to improve athletic performance.

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