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Most of the commercial sellers are making immense profits through excessive Postage and Insurance charges.
ebay has a very clear policy about what sellers can charge for postage and insurance.  These are:
Actual Postage cost: This is the actual cost (i.e. postage) for posting the item.

Handling Fee: Actual packaging materials costs may be charged. A handling fee in addition to actual postage cost may be charged if it is not excessive.

Insurance: Sellers offering insurance may only charge the actual fee for insurance. No additional amount may be added, such as “self-insurance”. Sellers may only offer postal insuranced provided by a licenced 3rd party insurance provider.

Please click here to see: ebay Policy on Postage and Insurance Charges

As regards CF cards, these are indestructible, and can be posted in a plain envelope with a 50 cent stamp within Australia, partticularly as they come in a hard plastic case.  However, a bit of bubblewrap will help, which will cost about 50 cents.  The most it will cost to post is $2.50 via Australia Post.

Insurance.  Some sellers are charging $5.00 and even $9.00 as insurance.  Australia Post offers Registraion at $2.50 (for any item), which includes FREE insurance up to $100.

I cannot place a link to the Australia Post Postal calculator as ebay does not permit external links.  There are Postal calculators on the Internet for ALL countries, especially Hong Kong where most of the scam sellers are located.

If the sellers refuse to charge the correct rate, report them to ebay using the "Report This Item" link at the bottom of the listing.

Jay de Silvba

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