Callanetics For The Abs

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If you want to really tone up your abs then you will want to know about Callanetics. We will look at what Callanetics are, how they can benefit your abs and what else you need to know to get great abs.

What is Callanetics?

Callanetics is a system of small precise movements repeated many times. These movements were first devised to be a form of pain relief, so they are suitable for just about everyone. These small movements target individual muscles very precisely so that all the exercise is going to the target muscle and none to surrounding tendons, ligaments and ancillary muscles.

Because of this targeting, one hour of Callanetics can have the same effect on tightening and toning your body that twenty hours of traditional aerobics has! Each muscle exercise is fully engaged and worked deeply, this causes muscle to be built and toned right from the first hour of exercise.

In addition, because of the way Callanetics works, there is no jarring or bouncing, which means that the risk of injuring yourself during exercise is virtually eliminated. Callanetics is safe for all age and fitness ranges, there is a place to start and benefit to be gained for everyone. Callanetics is even suitable for many people who have trouble with traditional exercise regimes because of things like bad backs, or bad knees.

How does Callanetics Benefit the Abs?

A Callanetics for the abs workout will specifically target the abdominal muscles, working them deeply. Callanetics is one of if not the fastest method of strengthening and toning the abdominal (and indeed all) muscles. You will be able to work your abs quickly - but thoroughly, you will even be able to fit in abs exercises into a spare twenty minutes as you don't need any special equipment or clothing, unlike traditional exercise routines.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Callanetics has recently become updated, including a cardio exercise suite and several mini programmes for different areas of the body - including the abs! This Callanetics exercise suite can be all you need to exercise your body and get great abs.

However, (there is always a "however"!) to get that "six pack" look you will need to do more than just exercise. You will need to reduce the fat covering your muscles.

To really start to see the abs men need to get below 10-11% body fat, and women need to get below 16-19% body fat to really show off their abs. Of course, everyone will differ a little depending on his or her body fat distribution, some people will see great abs at higher percentages and some will need to get even lower to really show of their abs.

Callanetics for the abs is a great part of your overall fit and tone routine. Combined with a healthy diet you will have great looking abs in no time.

I hope you have found this article helpful and can see how practicing Callanetics will be of benefit to your life. Don't forget to rate the article below!

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