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Campbell Armstrong - Asterisk

(Previously released as Asterisk Destiny by Campbell Black)

Master thriller writer Campbell Armstrong sweeps us into an astonishing story of desperate espionage, deadly turnabout and a harrowing cospiracy that two men struggle to stop - and hope to survive...

Asterisk is America's most fragile and chilling secret. It waits somewhere in the Arizona desert to pave the way to world domination... or damnation. Two frightened, desperate men are racing to crack the wall of silence surrounding Asterisk : John Thorne, a White House aide driven by his loyalty to a dead man and his own obsession to know the truth; Ted Hollander, a CIA agent driven beyond loyalty by his terrifying discovery, who now turns to the world's only hope: the Russians.

Both these men must be stopped... permanently. And the US government doesn't care how.

'Like le Carre, Armstrong tries to imbue significance to the thriller form, managing at once to be thoughtful and entertaining.' Los Angeles Times

'Skilfully done and unusually intelligent - the real truth about Asterisk has to be something special. It is. Recommended.' Observer


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