Can you Think Yourself Thin?

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Can you Think Yourself Thin?

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If you consider yourself overweight, stop and listen to what you are telling yourself throug the day. "I look fat", "I hate my legs" , "I'm Fat"... think of how you feel when you look at yourself? What you tell yourself and the emotion you feel at the time of this self talk is powerful stuff!

It is this emotion and talk that ensures someone stays overweight or stays thin. It's as simple as that.

Stop and consider what think people say "I don't like to eat xxx" "I have to exercise" I love exercising" "I can eat whatever I want"

So what can you do to Think and act like a Thin Person?

Well firstly you can do just that... instead of When I am think I will ....

1. Be it now. Be that thin person now.. how would they act? what would they do? how would they eat? Would they exercise every day? would they be kind to themselves? How would they be, what would they do to HAVE that slim body? Live like this with lots of positive emotion.

2. Hunt out and get rid of any beliefs you have that are not helping you. Eg I can't lose weight, I love choclate, I hate exercising? Negative beliefs coupled with strong emotion are what sabatage our efforts because even though we can consiously be trying to eat less and exercise it's our subconsious beliefs that run us and determine what we actually do. So find then and get rid of them via a coach or other means.

3. Feel how you want to feel often. This attracts to you what you need to get to your goals.

We wish you the best with your goals,


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