Can you provide some extra bonus tips for eBay sales?

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Can you provide some extra bonus tips for eBay sales?

With millions of people using eBay and new registrations happening every day, closing profitable sales on eBay can be quite a challenging task. Thus, here are some extra bonus tips that sellers can use to boost their eBay sales:

- Shipping, packaging and postage costs are some of the biggest aspects of a listing that can make or break a sale. Do not overcharge on these costs and make sure you provide exact figures instead of asking buyers to get in touch for exact costs.
- Royal mail offers free insurance protection on many items that have been sent using their first class or second class mail systems. Make use of this benefit by offering free insurance on your listings. It can be a huge deal maker.
- This is the day and age for speedy communication. Thus, set up an alert system on your computer or handheld device that lets you know immediately when a potential buyer messages you. This enables you to get back to them very quickly and can make the difference between a completed sale or window shopper.
- If possible, always have some free offer with your main product. This is a huge attraction even today and can get you the eye balls you are looking for.
- If you have a website where you sell different items, then it is a good idea to put a small pamphlet about your business in any item that you ship to your buyers, so that you can increase traffic to your website.

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