Car Buyers Guide At Auction.

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HI All,

I am 3rd Generation In the car industry, I started with motor vehicles at age 15 1/2. some 19 years ago, my sold cars for 52 years and his father did before him, all in the one little town/city of wollongong. If there is one thing i have learnt thru the times when it comes to buying or selling a car it is honesty...lying will get you nowhere both for buyer and for seller...Motor Dealers and or auctions sell anywhere up to 200 cars a day, You may not wish to believe it but a lot of them know more about cars than a person who say buys 1 car every 3-5 years. build a report with the seller and if he/she is a good dealer there self conscience will reign over there intentions to make profit, Having said that return for investment the motor sale/resale industry is by far the worst business in terms of return for investment, 99.9% of dealers work of profit margins of less than 8%. They can have up to $5 million of stock at any one time and if they achieve their target of 8% profit (ie:- THE BUYER PAYS FULL WINDOW PRICE.) They than have running costs, wages, phone bills etc. etc. Remember $5mil in the bank can get you 6% interest or better. All im saying is they are mostly normal people with wife and kids doing there best.


When i sell a car or describe a car to people i like to use a rating system, This i find helps to keep the communication level high. The following system works well with nearly all dealers world wide and remember its always better to underdescribed a vehicle than to over describe. I like to rate a car out of ten(10) and for each component thats important to buyer give it a score out of ten(10) the following is a guide to how this rating can work..

  • 10/10  Near new, concourse and without a doubt is one of the best available for sale at the current time, will past any inspection and has no defaults.
  • 9/10    extremely good condition, very well maintained and has very minor facts which you probably wouldn t bother to rectify and the cost to do so would be very minimal.
  • 8/10 very good condition well above average and has some faults which may need attending to in the near future.
  • 7/10 good condition having taken into account the age or purpose in which it has been used for will need money spent in order for it to be of a 9/10.
  • 6/10 fair condition having taken into account the age or purpose in which it it has been used for will need money spent to turn it into a 8/10.
  • 5/10 average condition will require money spent almost emediatly in order for it to continue for its built purpose.
  • 4/10 good source for parts has many defects and requires lots of money in order for it to pass a road worthy certificate (R.W.C.) still dont understand why our government doesnt legislate our industry harder when it comes to this standard(people actually put their family in these things ?)
  • 3/10 some parts are still of value but this unit is ready to be 2/10.
  • 2/10 the scap metal guy will give us $250 for this...
  • 1/10 the scrap metal guy will let you leave it with him but if he has to put it on a tilt tray he wants to charge you for the tow..

I use this rating for all parts within a vehicle and rarely fail to give an accurate discription, i hope this helps...any questions feel free to ring me 0401377408




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