Car DVD Player with Touchscreen Buying Guide

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Car DVD Player with Touchscreen Buying Guide

Following the radio, tape deck, and CD player, the DVD player is yet another home-entertainment device to find its way into cars. Although car manufacturers make this a standard feature on some automobiles, it is also possible to install DVD players as aftermarket devices. Car owners who want to play DVDs in their vehicles should consider purchasing a car DVD player with touchscreen. These devices are easy to control when driving, and they can also enable drivers to control other electronic devices.

In order to successfully shop for these DVD players, consumers should look for units that are compatible with their cars and budget professional installation into the cost. Consumers should also be aware of the features in a car DVD player with touchscreen as well as the additional components needed.

Basic Points about Car DVD Players with Touchscreen

Car DVD players with touchscreen are electronic consoles. The point of the touchscreen is that the driver and passengers can control both the DVD player and other entertainment and navigation features in the car.

Car DVD players with touchscreen may go inside the car's dash or onto headrests. This requires in-dash DVD players to be compatible with the car because not all DVD players with a touchscreen fit in the dash of every car. The placement of the DVD player inside the dash or on the headrest also requires skilled installation.


Since a car DVD player with touchscreen must be compatible with a specific car, consumers should immediately limit their searches to the car make and model in question. Most sellers should be able to immediately identify the DVD players that are compatible with the cars, and consumers can then look at the features in the different choices available.


Installing a DVD player with touchscreen into a car's dash or onto a headrest is an intricate process. In the case of an in-dash unit, the installer must first remove the old console unit from the car and possibly alter the dash in order to fit the DVD player. Both in-dash and headrest DVD players have numerous cables that the installer must then connect to the right parts of the car. The unit must connect to speakers and the car battery. There may be other parts, such as a subwoofer, amplifier, GPS antenna, or rear-view camera. The installer must also connect the DVD player to monitors in the car. Consumers who do not have experience modifying cars should have professionals install the DVD player and factor the price of installation into the budget for purchasing the unit.

Important Features of a Car DVD Player with Touchscreen

A car DVD player with touchscreen has many features worth considering. One should look at the media capability, sound features, and auxiliary inputs in a car DVD player with touchscreen to decide which unit fits with the other devices in the car.

Media Capability

Car DVD players with touchscreen are capable of doing much more than just playing DVDs. Depending on the unit, the DVD player may also be able to play CDs as well as AM and FM radio. Some car DVD players with touchscreen also have an outlet to connect an MP3 player, and it may also be possible to use GPS navigation on the unit. A DVD player with a TV tuner enables passengers to watch television on the monitors in the car, and hands-free calling allows the driver to handle telephone calls through the unit. It should be possible to control any of these features through the DVD player's touchscreen.

Consumers who want a car DVD player with  touchscreen and multimedia capability may consider buying a unit with the multi-zone feature. This enables passengers to watch a DVD on the monitors in the car and listen through headphones, while others can listen to the radio or a CD at the same time. This helps ensure that everyone in the car has entertainment options.


Consumers should also pay attention to the sound features of a car DVD player with touchscreen. Some units connect to speakers with a cable, while others send a Bluetooth or FM signal. Units that send signals over airwaves have fewer wires, but cable connections tend to be higher fidelity due to less interference.

Some DVD players with touchscreen have an amplifier built in to increase the volume of the media that the unit plays without adding distortion. Digital signal processing improves sound fidelity, and consumers can look for DVD players that have an equaliser with numerous frequency settings if they want to create different sound atmospheres in the car.

Auxiliary Inputs

Many car DVD players with touchscreen feature numerous auxiliary inputs. These can be for connecting a USB device, such as flash drive, inserting an SD memory card, or connecting an MP3 player. These auxiliary inputs make a DVD player more multifunctional. They also enable consumers to play media from compact storage units through their DVD players.

Although it is not a physical input, Bluetooth enables consumers to connect devices such as mobile phones to DVD players. Bluetooth-capable DVD players have a chip that receives a signal from other Bluetooth devices. Consumers can connect a Bluetooth-capable smartphone and then use the touchscreen to handle calls through the DVD player.

Additional Components in a Car DVD Player with Touchscreen

Car DVD players with touchscreen need a monitor on which to display the DVD that is playing. The consumer may need to add the cost of a monitor and its installation into the budget when purchasing a DVD player. One may also wish to invest in headphones to enable passengers to enjoy different media without disturbing one another.


Consumers should be prepared to invest in at least one monitor to go along with the car DVD player. Headrest DVD players put the player and the monitor into one unit, but those who purchase an in-dash DVD player need a monitor to go along with it.

Consumers can choose either an overhead screen or one with a headrest. Overhead screens are generally larger, but it is possible to fit a headrest screen into both the driver-seat and passenger-seat headrests to give personal monitors to backseat passengers. Screens are usually high-definition LCD, and some screens enable users to switch back and forth between 16:9 and 4:3 ratios.


Headphones are another important component because they enable some passengers to listen to the sound from a DVD while other passengers listen to music. Noise-cancelling headphones ensure that the music does not disturb those passengers who want to focus on the DVD, and wireless headphones reduce clutter in the car. Some sellers of DVD players with touchscreen include headphones with the player.

How to Buy a Car DVD Player with Touchscreen on eBay

You can purchase a car DVD player with touchscreen from local and online electronics shops. There is also a large selection of these items for sale on eBay. You can search for a DVD player with touchscreen from any eBay page with the search bar by using a phrase such as "DVD player touchscreen". When eBay produces the results, select the category related to car and truck parts to ensure that the listings are relevant. You can then specify the make and model of your car to filter for compatible units.

Checking the eBay Deals page can potentially save you money on your car DVD player with touchscreen. You may be able to find discounted headphones here as well.


Car DVD players with touchscreen keep passengers entertained during long journeys. They can also enable the driver to access other useful features, such as GPS and Bluetooth phone-calling, while passengers enjoy DVDs. Buying the right DVD player with touchscreen starts with narrowing the selection to only those units that are compatible with one's car. Consumers should also factor installation costs into the purchase price.

Car DVD players with touchscreen come with a variety of features, and these can change from unit to unit. Consumers should therefore be aware of the different features and decide which ones are more useful. Monitors and headphones are important accessories, so one should also include these in the cost of buying a car DVD player with touchscreen. With solid product knowledge, consumers should have no problem locating the right DVD player with touchscreen on eBay.

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