Car FM Transmitter buying guide

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Car FM Transmitter are an affordable alternative for enjoying your favourite music in your car without a high-tech audio system. All you need is a FM radio in your car and a FM transmitter that usually plugs into cigarette lighter port, and of course a collection of your favourite music on a supported media such as MMC/SD card, USB, or your mobile phone. To replace a car audio system you need hundreds of dollars, however to buy a good quality FM Transmitter you need a few bucks. When buying an FM Transmitter, keep in mind the following important factors:


Supported Media:

The more types of media a transmitter supports, the better.

USB flash drive: Thats probably the most convenient option. If an FM Transmitter supports playing music directly from a USB, its a big advantage when compared to the one that doesn't support it.

MMC/SD card: If a transmitter supports a card, you can use your mobile's or your camera's card to store music on that, and plug that card directly into the transmitter.

Line-In / 3.5mm Jack:  That means you can plug the cable into your mobile and into the transmitter to listen to the music stored in your mobile phone.

File Formats:

An FM transmitter should be capable of playing popular file formats such as MP3 and WMA. These file formats allow you to copy thousands of songs on a USB drive or a MMC/SD card.

ON/OFF button:

Although it seems a minor factor, believe me it is very important in real life. If your FM transmitter does not have an ON/OFF button, that means it always stays ON until you plug it out from the cigarette lighter port. Plugging in and pulling out your FM transmitter repeatedly can actually damage your cigarette lighter port. If left permanently ON, it can damage your car's fuses.

LCD Screen:

An LCD screen is very important, it should display song title, current FM frequency along with other information. In addition, it adds to the overall look and feel of a device.

Folder Change capability:

Your FM transmitter should be able to navigate through directories of music stored on your USB or MMC/SD Card.

Remote Control:

These days almost all FM transmitters come with a remote control unit. If the one you are looking at is without a remote control unit, don't buy it.

Manual Controls:

You should be able to operate your FM transmitter directly, without a remote control. At least you should be able to change tracks and adjust the volume manually.

Look and Feel:

After all an FM transmitter is displayed prominently in your car, so it should be eye catching and trendy. If it comes with flexible positioning such as 360 degrees rotation, thats something to definitely consider.

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