Car Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

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Car Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Car vacuum cleaners offer the unique ability to clean small spaces and operate free from traditional vacuum cords plugged into electrical outlets. By comparing the various types of handheld vacuums, from wet and dry options to those with hoses, it is easy to find one best suited for your needs.


Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaners

A well-known vacuum cleaner brand, Black & Decker's Dustbuster remains a popular pick for cleaning car interiors. The classic Dustbuster is a small handheld vacuum designed of hard plastic, formed with a slim handle and an open nozzle. Today this design comes in a range of varieties to suit specific needs. There is the Dustbuster Wet and Dry model, which performs like the classic but can also suck up liquids. The top pick in terms of versatility are the Dustbuster Auto and Dustbuster Flexi. Both feature hoses to extend the reach and various attachments to fit into small crevices. Dustbuster Auto does have an edge as a car vacuum because it can be powered by plugging into the cigarette lighter, allowing users to store it in the boot and use it as needed. The other Dustbusters rely on being plugged into a charging station prior to powering up.


Dyson Car Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson vacuums make use of cyclone technology, and are known for their innovative design. The Dyson DC58 Animal is a cordless, handheld vacuum ideal for cleaning an auto. It separates itself from other handheld models primarily by its power features. A fully charged DC58 Animal has 20 minutes of run time, which is extended by powering down every time the trigger is released. When there is a difficult mess to clean, owners can push the power boost button to increase the suction. Although Dyson vacuums can be pricier than some other brands of car vacuums, they are known for their durability and lightweight design.


Hoover Car Vacuum Cleaners

Similar to Black & Decker, Hoover manufactures several handheld vacuum cleaners suitable for cleaning a car. The 12 volt Wet and Dry Handheld Hoover plugs into the car's cigarette lighter, allowing drivers to never worry about the vacuum running out of power, plus it come with a slim nozzle and brush attachments. Also using the cigarette lighter to power up is the 12 volt Carvac. Carvac comes with several attachments, allowing it to detail everything from the dashboard to the floor mats, clean up liquids. Hoover's 9.6 volt Wet and Dry Handivac is completely cordless and comes with a squeegee attachment for cleaning up spills. Those wanting optimal power and performance options should consider the 14.4 volt Wet and Dry Handivac that comes with 3 attachments. All of these models, as well as the previously mentioned brands, are bagless.



In comparing these three vacuum cleaner brands, it is easy to understand the multitude of different car vacuum models on the market. Drivers know what types of car cleaning problems they face, from spilled drinks to needing a vacuum that can powered by plugging into the cigarette lighter, and can use this guide to make the best decision. Buyers should consider specialized cleaning capabilities, power supply, size, brand and price when comparing the various car vacuum cleaners.

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