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Guide - Car Wash & Polish kit - Onedrywash - How does it work ? Onedrywash was originally developed to clean aircraft in the desert and apply a polish to the body of the plane to lower surface tension and increase fuel efficiency. Now we use it to clean all types of vehicles. The special formula used in Onedrywash lifts the dirt and grime from the vehicles surface and suspends it in the drying liquid. When you wipe it off the dirt and grime doesn't touch the bodywork so it leaves no scratches or marks. All you are left with is a layer of polish and a clean shiny vehicle in a fraction of the normal time. Onedrywash is an Eco friendly product in the way that it uses No Water at all. It comes in a pump bottle rather than a pressure pack can which means no propellant that can harm the ozone layer. It also makes it suitable for use indoors or confined places as there are much less fumes. It is suitable for use on the paint and bodywork, the windows, alloy wheels, chrome, rubber and plastic. This means the one product can be used to clean the entire vehicle, which is a considerable cost saver over the traditional method of cleaning, using a variety of different products.

Onedrywash goes on easily, and is simple to use. You spray on the vehicle and spread the solution with one of the supplied Microfiber cloths. Wait a few moments, then with the same cloth wipe the dirt off. With the second clean cloth, buff the remaining polish to a shine. Onedrywash is an excellent alternative to traditional methods for anyone who wants to save time, money, and still achieve professional results.

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