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We would like to share our experience using Onedrywash, a new Eco friendly product to clean & polish your car. Onedrywash uses no water at all to clean your vehicle. It was originally developed to clean planes in the desert, and leave a high gloss shine to help reduce surface tension of the planes body, and increase fuel efficiency. Onedrywash is manufactured in the UK and has a strong market presence there. We recently were asked to try the product with the view to offering it on eBay. I have used another product in the past which claimed to be similar to Onedrywash, but I was not overly impressed with it. To begin with, it was in a pressure pack can. How can you offer a product that is supposed to be Eco friendly to save water and help the environment, then put it in a pressure pack ? Apart from the fact that the fumes from the product were not exactly pleasant, on top of that it was not a very good product to use, and the results were average. Onedrywash was immediately more impressive in the way that it is packaged. It is a 500Ml bottle that comes with a separate pump nozzle, two good quality Microfiber cloths, and even a pair of rubber gloves. The product goes on really easy, which I think would be great to use if you were a car detailer. If you had to clean cars all day long this would be a blessing. I was really impressed with the fact the one product works on the entire car. The paint & bodywork, chrome, plastic, rubber, and especially the alloy wheels. The wheels on my VW get really black due to the brake pads European cars use. It can be quite a job to get that off, and usually is slow and quite messy. With Onedrywash, I simply spayed it on, waited for a minute or so for it to dry, then wiped off months ( maybe years ) of black brake residue in seconds. In fact I found it took me only around 45minutes to clean the entire car, including the wheels. This is about a third of the time it usually takes me. To me, this is brilliant !! I love having a clean shiny car, but I hate having to do it, so anything that can save that sort of time, and give me such a great end result is worth every penny. A kit costs $49.95 and can wash your car up to seven times if you use it sparingly. That means it costs you around $7.00 for a wash and polish. That to me is pretty cheap. The product doesn't harm your paint, and leaves the body with a really nice shine and a great smooth feel. I would recommend Onedrywash to anyone who loves their car, and likes it shiny. It is easy to use, saves a heap on buying all the different products you'd normally use, and is no problem to use in a confined space like a garage or carport. You can use it on cars, boats, bikes, trucks, whatever you like. Give it a try, I highly recommend it.
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