Caravan Water Tank Buying Guide

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Caravan Water Tank Buying Guide

More and more people are turning to caravans as a great way to get out and see the countryside without having to worry about where to stay or finding the best hotel rates. A caravan gives a family the freedom to go wherever they want, even to faraway locations, and still have a place to stay when they get there. One of the more important items to equip a caravan with is a proper water tank. Choosing the right water tank for a caravan is therefore an important consideration to make prior to a trip. A wide assortment of caravan water tanks is available in different sizes and styles, making the purchase decision an easy one for the consumer.

What to Look For in a Caravan Water Tank

When purchasing a caravan water tank, three main elements should be taken into consideration to help in the decision. The considerations include the size of the tank, the choice of material for the intended use of the tank, and finally, the form of the tank and how it is mounted.

Water Tank Size

One can determine the size of the caravan water tank by the length of time of the trip and the type of services available at the destination. Smaller tanks weigh less and take up less space, and they are adequate for short road trips or visits to campsites that feature water hook-ups. Larger tanks are ideal for extended trips away from sources of water, but they are much heavier and require more mounting space. The amount of water to take along depends on the number of people travelling and the severity of the environment. A good rule of thumb is four litres per person per day.

Size of Tank

Main Uses

22 litres

A 22-litre jerrycan easily stores in the cargo space of a caravan

Provides five days of water for one person or just less than three days for two people

30 litres

Popular size for smaller caravans

Provides enough water for one person for seven days or a family of four for two days

50 litres

A good size for an extended trip for one or two people

Easy to mount and carry without adding too much weight to a small caravan

75 litres

A water tank that is good for extended road or camping trips

Equips two people with nine days of water

100 litres

Great for extended camping and road trips where little to no water is available Equips two people for up to 12 days of water needs

125 litres and up

Larger sizes of aftermarket water tanks

Mounted or installed in caravans

Can hold enough water for a family of four for over a week on the road or for camping

One litre of water weighs one kilogram, so the user should make sure to add this weight into the overall gross vehicle weight of the caravan to avoid overloading. If installing multiple tanks, especially large ones, it is important to make sure to disburse them evenly under the vehicle to prevent weight imbalance while driving.

Materials to Consider When Purchasing a Caravan Water Tank

Three different types of materials are commonly used in the construction of caravan water tanks. Each type of material has advantages and disadvantages for the camper, depending on the use and environment.


Polyethylene is a common material used to construct caravan water tanks because of its durability and long life. Polyethylene is a food-grade plastic that does not bleed a plastic taste into the water. These water tanks are lightweight and flexible, which makes them ideal for mounting on smaller caravans in areas of the vehicle that are prone to flexing. However, the consumer should be sure to install the tank properly to avoid the holes worn in the material from constant rubbing on metallic surfaces.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel caravan water tanks are heavier than plastic units but are easier to fix, should something puncture them. Galvanised tanks are also resistant to corrosion and are therefore ideal for people who spend time around the coast or in wet environments.


PVC and nylon caravan tanks are soft-sided units that are a flexible bladder system. The tank features rubber-like PVC inner tubing that is waterproof and holds the water. The nylon outer shell prevents the PVC from over expanding. These tanks may not be as sturdy as metal and plastic, but they can conform to fit into tight or awkward storage spaces and are completely portable.

Water Tanks and Mounts

Both plastic and metal caravan water tanks come in different shapes, so they easily mount on a caravan. Common shapes of caravan water tanks include mudguard-styled units that can be mounted behind the caravan's mudguard. Another style is the rectangular tank that mounts inside of a storage compartment or under the vehicle using mounting brackets or straps. Portable water tanks, such as jerrycans, strap to the rear of caravans or may be stored in a cargo hold, providing additional water when needed.

How to Buy a Caravan Water Tank on eBay

When it comes time to purchase a caravan water tank, there are few places that make finding and purchasing the right tank easier than eBay. Simply navigate to any eBay page, and enter a relevant keyword, such as " caravan water tank", into the search box. You can then select from the list of available water tanks you see displayed on the page. Shopping on eBay is much easier than browsing several websites for deals, because the sellers are in competition with each other to provide the ideal caravan water tank at the right price for you. Shopping on eBay also is quicker and easier than going from store to store searching for a water tank, and you can get the tank delivered right to your door.

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