Carbon Fibre Decal Buying Guide

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Carbon Fibre Decal Buying Guide

Carbon fibre decals are an easy way for consumers to decorate and enhance their vehicle. Carbon fibre allows for detailing in the decals that other materials cannot achieve, and the decals are resistant to the elements and durable. These decals remain in place for many years, and consumers are able to wash their car easily without worrying about the decals coming off.

Carbon fibre decals are used on the exterior and interior of cars, and they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and designs to customise any car easily. Consumers can learn about the various types of carbon fibre decals as well as specialty decals such as stripes and wraps, and they are able to find carbon fibre decals at auto stores or when shopping on eBay.

Types of Carbon Fibre Decals

Carbon fibre is used to make a variety of types of decals, which range in size and shapes. There are small, simple decals or large, elaborate designs available depending on personal preference and how the users plan to enhance their vehicle. Consumers are also able to buy sheets of carbon fibre and create their own designs that are durable and that last for years.

Custom Letter Decals

If consumers want words on their vehicle, custom lettered carbon fibre decals are the best option. Consumers can get their names, favourite phrase or saying, political cause, or children's names on stickers with these custom letter car decals. Letters are available in every size and colour, along with a variety of fonts.

Lettered stickers are a good way to customise a vehicle and add a personal touch to it. For instance, some consumers may want to add their name behind the driver's seat and their spouse's name behind the passenger seat.

Designs or Images

The most commonly seen types of carbon fibre stickers come in an array of designs, from skulls or butterflies to stick figure families, eagles, car emblems, or favourite brand names, such as Apple. Buyers are able to embellish their car with a logo, or pay homage to a favourite movie or cartoon character. With carbon fibre decals, buyers are able to inject some personality into their car's appearance, and consumers are likely to see everything from stickers shaped like cats to stickers depicting favourite hobbies such as fishing.

Racing Stripes

Carbon fibre decals that are in the shape of racing stripes are an easy way to customise a car to look sportier without having to pay for a paint job. These decorations are available in many colours and styles, such as straight stripes or fun graphic designs such as checkers that go along the sides of the vehicle and across the doors.

Racing stripes are also available for the top of the car. These are also called track stripes. Using a stripe decal kit is easier and more cost efficient than having track stripes painted on a vehicle, and they are removable if necessary. Some racing stripes are available to be customised to the buyers' specifications.

3D Car Wrap Decals

One of the benefits of using carbon fibre decals is their texture, which has a three-dimensional appearance that enhances the decals even further. Some consumers may want to use carbon fibre decals that are cut to fit in the interior of their car, or to cover large surfaces on the exterior of the car for embellishment.

This is called auto wrapping. Decals are sized to fit the surface area that the buyers wish to place the decals on. Carbon fibre wrap is used to add detailed embellishments to a car, such car door handles or as roof decoration. Car wrap decals also protect the surface of the car from scratches, so there are some benefits to using carbon fibre besides the obvious aesthetic reasons.

Installing Carbon Fibre Decals

Though carbon fibre decals are easy to install and are essentially stickers, there are a few things needed to make sure the decals adhere properly to the car without bubbles or uneven spots. A squeegee applicator makes installing the decals simple, and essentially helps smooth out the decal for the most secure application.

Consumers who are using larger amounts of carbon fibre decals, such as racing stripes or car wrap, may need to purchase some additional supplies to install the decals. An X-acto knife is useful for cutting away the extra carbon fibre during installation so the pieces are neat and even.

A blow dryer is the last step to ensuring the decals adhere properly, and is also helpful for stretching the carbon fibre a bit while installing to place it correctly on the vehicle, especially over a large space. Consumers should have a squirt bottle filled with water nearby to stick the carbon fibre to the car.

Benefits of Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a durable material that is perfect for car decor. Not only is is useful for many things, but it is easy to install and improves the look of a vehicle with its sporty texture.


Carbon fibre has a 3D texture that is aesthetically pleasing


The decals resist water and do not peel if they get wet


Carbon fibre decals last for many years

Easy to Install

Installation takes minutes and adheres to the car easily


Carbon fibre decals are removable at any point with no lasting damage

Cost Efficient

Carbon fibre decor is cheaper than painting or using permanent decorations on vehicles


Carbon fibre sheets are easy to cut and customise


Carbon fibre is used in the interior of cars as well as the exterior, and can be used on other items such as tablets or electronics

Buyers who choose decals and wrap made of carbon fibre can see the many benefits of carbon fibre vs. other materials, such as vinyl. Vinyl does not last as long as carbon fibre and may not withstand the elements as well.

How to Purchase Carbon Fibre Decals on eBay

You will find many great deals on carbon fibre decals when you shop on eBay. Navigate to the decals category from the home page or any internal page, or use the search box to key in "carbon fibre decals" and filter the search accordingly. You can browse by decals for the make of the car, such as BMW or Ford, or browse the decals until something catches your eye. Shop by the price of decals if you are on a tight budget.

Purchase carbon fibre decals from authorised merchants who are Top-rated sellers, and have excellent feedback from other buyers. For a reduced shipping price, ask the seller if he or she can bundle your decals with another item, such as a squeegee.


If consumers do not have money to customise a car through more expensive methods like painting, carbon fibre decals are the perfect solution. They are less expensive than other methods of car embellishment, and the best thing about the decals is that they are easily removable, and cause no long-term damage to the vehicle. They resist the elements and last for as long as desired, and are able to resist car washing without peeling or tearing.

Carbon fibre decals are fun and sporty, or can be used to add names, phrases, or slogans to a vehicle. The possibilities for using the decals are endless, and they come in various colours, textures, and designs. Carbon fibre decals are a fast and fun way to decorate a car without a long-term commitment or spending too much money.

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