Card Making Ideas for All Occasions

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A card is an excellent keepsake for any occasion - and the most memorable cards are homemade. Most homemade cards are created on a word processing program and then printed on card stock. Although these printed cards are unique, handcrafted cards are much more memorable, and surprisingly simple to make. Below are three of the most popular handcrafted card types. Most of the materials for them can be purchased at a store, or even online at retailers such as eBay.

Keepsake Cards

Keepsake Cards For a keepsake card, add elements that remind the recipient of the day they received it. If this is Christmas, cut out small snowflakes, spray them with glue and dip them in silver glitter before gluing them to the front of a keepsake card. If this is a special day such as Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary, add a little shine. To do this, feed gold or silver charms through a ribbon, hole punch the side of the card and thread the ribbon through the card with the charm hanging off of the top. Finish it up by adding personal touches such as fabric hearts or hearts made from foil, or keepsakes from the special day. Complete the card by attaching a photograph and writing a meaningful message inside. Spritz the card with fragrance before putting it in the envelope.

Talking Cards

Talking Cards Talking cards are all the rage, no matter the occasion. There are cards with pre-recorded funny messages, romantic messages and even blank cards that allow you to record your own message. To begin, choose a blank greeting card, design it, add a written message, then record a personal message. For a more intimate touch, remove the recorder from the card and place it in a handmade card.
For a humorous card, take a picture making a silly face. Print the picture on large card stock (roughly double the size). Fold the picture over the extra paper and cut around it to create a card shape. Cut the mouth out of the picture and glue a fake tongue hanging out of it. Next, glue the voice recorder to the inside of the card, the same way it was glued into the original card. When the recipient opens the card they will hear the recorded message.

Romantic Cards

Romantic Cards When it comes to romantic cards, the options are endless. The key to making the most of these cards is to incorporate materials that remind the recipient of romance, such as silk, ribbon, glitter, Swarovski crystals, and metals such as silver or gold. Create a design on the front of a card stock (such as a heart, stars or balloons), then glue the material in the shape of the drawn pattern. Be specific when writing the message, so that it's more personal. When choosing a card that already has writing in it, add a personal message inside of the card sleeve.
You can also add your own message on the front of the envelope before decorating the envelope with crystals or decorative ribbon. Remember, this card is going to be a keepsake, so for safe handling, laminate the card before adding accessories.

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