Care When Leaving Feedback For Sellers

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I have been using eBay as both a buyer and seller and have found the experience to be, on the whole, very positive.  I, like many, have had the odd problem and been "ripped off" by people who never send the goods and refuse to make repayment...or who sell good that are faulty and when you return for a refund you never get it.

But my biggest problem to date is "FEEDBACK".  I think that feedback is the best guide as both a buyer and seller but recently encountered a problem with someone purchasing goods from me.  I have worked very, very hard to maintain my 100% feedback in both of my roles as buyer and seller.

This person had taken nearly four weeks and still had not paid for the item, I had made contact several times with him and the excuses were thick and fast constantly promising to make payment.  I am a very understanding seller, and if you have genuine problems I am more than happy to extend payment times, but this was becoming a worry. 

Then, out of nowhere, the buyer contacts me with an apology.  They had encountered problems with a previous sale and were leaving feedback for that transaction and "accidently" left it on my sale.  Now, that probably wouldnt be a problem but the feedback was negative, with swearing and warning people never to buy from me.  He contacted ebay to have the comments removed, and I also received an email from them about removing the negative feedback. 

BUT BEWARE - as this is the first time I have had this happen to me , I immediately replied to have the negative feedback removed BUT did so without leaving any comment myself.  I later found out that although the feedback score would not reflect his error, HIS comments would remain.  I was very upset by this as at the time I had 5 auctions that were finishing within 24 hours.  Due to this persons comments I had bids withdrawn and believe that some people avoided bidding due to these comments.

I have since contacted eBay and am hoping to have these negative comments removed but await their reply.  BUT MY WARNING IS THIS ....please take care when leaving feedback for people and that you are leaving the feedback for the right sale.....and if you have had a bad experience, keep your swearing and negative comments off the feedback and report the matter to ebay.  If you leave something like that in error and in anger it can damage peoples reputations.



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