Care for your Timber Product

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When you purchase one of our timber items, please remember not to expose it to extreme weather conditions or temperatures.  Timber will react, no matter how old, either expanding or contracting where moisture is concerned and this can cause it to change the shape of the item or joints.   In almost all cases this can be reversed, but prevention is easier.

1/  Don't leave your item in direct sun or leave it in rain.  Don't store item near a direct heat source, ie. fire place or next to a bread/pizza oven.   Always try and store your item in a dry place either inside the house, garage, rather than on a patio or outside. 
2/  Don't soak your timber item or place it in a dishwasher, a quick hand wash & dry after each use,  is all that it will ever need to keep it clean.
3/  We use and recommend Raw Linseed Oil,  but you can also use coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil. This should be rubbed over entire item and then with another clean rag, rubbed off.  This process will condition the wood and seal it to protect it further.  Should only be needed once a year (twice at most) or depending on how regularly you use your item. You can't oil to much!
4/  If your moving to a alternate climate, eg. Cairns to Melbourne  -  a very humid climate to a very dry one -  can change the moisture level in the timber, therefore can affect joints & boards.  So try and protect timber items from any sudden climate change.
These can be fixed.  However, giving the timber time to adjust to it's changing climate slowly rather than quickly, can avoid any damage to your timber item.  To aid in keeping it's shape until climatised, use clamps or heavy weights (eg. to keep a peel flat).

Email at any time for advice or any query you may have.

Tim & Heather Wright
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