Care of Pewter.

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Pewter is an alloy of antimony, tin, and copper, old pewter may also contain lead but most pewter sold these days has no lead content. Like other metals, over time pewter will become dull and lose its silvery sheen.
This can happen quite quickly, depending upon how much your pewter piece is worn or handled. To resore shine, first clean your pewter piece with a detergent, (dish washing detergent is fine), or washing soda and water using a soft toothbrush. Allow to dry, then polish with a silver metal polish such as Silvo with a soft cloth or hand buffer. Any polish left in cracks and crevices can be gently brushed out with the toothbrush or a camel-hair type paintbrush with short bristles. Your pewter piece will soon be shining and beautiful again, ready for you to enjoy.

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