Care when selling vinyl records (interpretations vary)

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Recently I was selling some very much-loved vinyl records, most of which I had purchased in my teens, many years ago. The records, I thought (and still do think), were quite well cared for, considering time and travel. To my complete surprise, out of all the otherwise 100% happy buyers as to feedback, came a VERY negative feedback message: That what I had described as to the conditions of the record were NOT what this buyer had shared in kind. It really threw me for a spin !! So, be CAREFUL, because there are a few very particular collectors out there who have zero tolerance for your own interpretations of what is excellent, and to what THEIR idea of excellent is about. It seems that whether it be 10 years of record age, or 35 years of record age, some purists truly believe that vinyl is titanium, and not subject to average wear. (PS/ I have offered a total refund, but still have not heard back from this buyer . . . so the story is not complete quite yet).
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