Case Modding

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Also called "Case modification". Case modding is the act of taking a physically and visually unmodified computer chassis, and modifying it to give it a new look. The Modification is planned and done by the "Case Modder". Case Modders are usually hardware enthusiasts that do Case mods to exemplify the power of their craftmen skill, and power of their computer.

Background Information

Many “Modders” will agree that, though there are many ways to modify ones case, many different methods can be used to achieve the same result, an attractively modded case is as much a matter of pride as is the effort made to build a computer that yields superior performance. However, case modifications are not always purely aesthetic. Many times the “mod” will lend itself to the enhancement of the computers performance such as; adding cooling fans and modifying built in fan grilles to allow for improved air flow or installing entire water cooling systems to chassis’ that were not intended to house such additions. Also, the modification may improve the ease with which the person interacts with his or her computers physical hardware arrangement. These modifications range in diversity from creating removeable hard drive bays to removeable mother board trays as well as wire management systems and adding a new switch that controls functions such as lighting or even to clear your computers CMOS.The possibilities are only limited by a persons imagination. Some aesthetic modifications include the addition of an acrylic window to the side panel, etching a picture onto a side window or even putting in Cold Cathode Flourecent Lighting tubes and various forms of LED fans and LED lighting arrangements.


Computer101's Tips:

Things to keep in mind before you mod your case:

    * Is there a theme to your rig?
    * How many fans do you want?
    * How much time and money do you have to spend on this project?
    * Do you have the tools?
    * Do you have the place to mod it?

Tips to Case Modding:

    * Take your time.
    * Prep, prep, and prep some more, this means triple checking everything and taping things where you are going to cut or any other preparation that may be required to mod your case make sure you triple check it.
    * Get a Dremel, its a very nice little versatile tool.
    * If you are cutting a design into the sidepanel, find the image you want to cut out, then "pumpkin proof it" this means make the design like a pumpkin design, so that your sidepanel stays intact and does not have weak points, if you do this wrong then you could have some serious problems.
    * Get an Aluminum case, you will save a lot of time and cutting wheels.
    * Practice first, before you make your cuts on the actual case, try cutting on another computer or piece, get used to the dremel and how it acts at given RPMs with different tools.
    * Learn from your mistakes.
    * HAVE FUN!



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