Cash on Delivery COD unsafe pay method for buyer seller

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COD. Cash on delivery an Australia Post service buyers and sellers can use. Australia Post charges for the service.
  • COD is an Australia Post Office service that is only available within Australia, cannot use COD for sending parcels overseas.
  • COD is not a safe payment method for buyers or sellers.
  • Buyers - if you are thinking of using COD for an expensive purchase because you are concerned you may not receive what you have paid for - COD does not guarantee you will get what you paid for.
  • Instead of paying the money to the seller you have the seller send the parcel to your Post Office by COD and you pay the Post Office for the item/parcel, you also pay the postage costs and Australia Post's charges for providing the service.
  • When you collect the parcel at the Post Office you have to first sign for the parcel and handover the payment. Only then do you  receive the parcel. The Post Office then passes on the payment to the seller.
  • When you open the parcel, you may receive what you have paid for, or you may receive something different. If one is dealing with a scammer they are not going to package up and send you what you paid for.
For sellers - COD can be costly and a waste of time if the buyer  refuses to collect and pay for the parcel. Post office will return the parcel to the seller/sender and the sender has to pay Australia Post for the service.

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