Cast nets

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I recently bought a cast net and had a very bad time with the seller. He said that because his net is 8 foot high its 16 foot wide but when i got the net and cast it i found that it was more like 12 or 13 foot wide at the very most. When buying a cast net it not about how high it is but how many segments are in the net and also about how long the bottom lead line is as this determines how wide the net can be cast. This sad fool is still selling his nets on ebay so watch out for him and dont be fooled by his sale page . The worst thing about this transaction was that  he wanted to give me a refund but was not including the postage costs to origanally send the net to me and then the cost to send it back to him making me out of pocket 32 dollars. This i find to be very sad as he is definitely wrong about the net size but will not pay up . So watch out when buying cast nets as there is at least one seller that is a ripoff .In ending i have also contacted a couple of other people who bought his cast nets and i asked them to measure their nets and once they did this they have also found them to be undersized.

cast net

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