Casting a baitcast reel

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Baitcasting reels give fishermen more control over lure placement than any other reel. You can get up next to snags, against the bank or in the middle of obstacles in the water if required. Unfortunately, they also have a reputation of being the most difficult of reels to use. However, with proper technique, correct settings and a bit of practice, anybody can learn to cast like a pro.

The first step is to hold the reel properly. Many assume they should hold the reel upright but this is not correct. Once the freespool button is depressed, you should turn the rod sideways so the reel is held with the handle facing upwards. The reel should stay this way throughout the cast. This enables the line to run freely off the spool.

Begin to release thumb pressure about halfway through the cast to let line out. In order to prevent backlashes in the line, add enough pressure on the spool so that the rotating speed of the spool never exceeds the speed of the line coming off it.

The ability to apply the correct amount of thumb pressure is a matter of practice but you can also reduce backlashes by setting the reel braking system properly. This is discussed in another of my guides.

With a bit of practice and patience you will soon be casting like a pro.

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