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IN February 2010 this announcement appeared on ebay site PLEASE take particular notice of the comment I have highlighted in triple quote marks  online 2 ....

"During the week commencing 7 February, eBay will be making some improvements to the category structure on ebay (oz)

""""These improvements aim to make it easier to buy and sell on ebay (OZ) """" In particular, sellers should be aware of the following changes: • Many categories have been simplified to avoid duplication with the Item Specifics on the Create you listing page. .........

.......Most of the improvements will not require sellers to take any action, but it is recommended that you check your listings to ensure they are still being listed in the appropriate categories. See the Caregory change facts for more information about these improvements, or click on any category below to see a detailed list of the changes that will take place for that category. Antiques, Art, Baby, Beauty, Health,  Books, Business, Cameras, Cars, Bikes, Boats, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Coins, Collectibles, Computers, Crafts, Dolls, Bears, Electronics, Home, Industrial, Jewellry, Movies, Music, Musical Instruments, Phones, Pottery, Glass, Sport, Stamps, Tickets, Travel, Toys, Hobbies, Video Games, Lots More... Regards, The eBay Team "

Straight out of George Orwell that one !!, the actual result of this doublespeak, is the direct opposite of making buying and selling easier .                                  

By deleting or standardising categories (My example will be "Music " LP records.)   Everything for the last 2 years listed on ebay OZ has just been standardised in LP records category 306. Gone are the individual categories for "Rock" or POP  or Classical etc etc , dozens of categories all lumped into one  Good old 306.  Easier to LIST , not easier to SELL, because buyers can still do a search by category, the category search result has nothing in it though, and buyers used to (and I do ) love to click on there Category to see what is for sale.

Now LISTED on ebay OZ as of feb9  2013. in the categories search their are 309000 Lp's , but 287000 are listed as "UNspecified" and even though most sellers have created their own item specific category, sadly , it does not APPEAR in the category eBay allow the BUYERS to select for searches.  LET"S review that Orwellian flavored double speak in line  2 of the above quote.

"These improvements aim to make it easier to buy and sell on Ebay.(oz)"   well I suppose they did only state that it AIMS to make it easier, but sady the target was about 180 degrees in the other direction, and still ebay are aiming in the wrong direction........

They also failed to double speak advise you on the effect to your new found INVISIBILITY on international domains as a seller.  You know the ones some of your Buyers LOOK on , and you dutifully quoted postage rates as advised, so your items would appear on their search engine..........................Well they do IF trhe buyers bother to drill down to items available from International sellers, but as soon as they drill down further to their favorite CATEGORY, you just disappeared out of the search engine,

Oh did the double speak tell you that the other domains STILL have genre categories, and buyers still search them??? and your OZ listed item, that on a world pricing scale is from my research the most expensive between UK USA and OZ,( you as a seller pay 50c if not a casual seller for any listing under 20AUD.)  and you just paid to be INVISIBLE to world customers doing (their) still available category specific searches.

I have complained to ebay OZ about all the 8% commission THEY are missing out on getting on  unfindable listings, but even highlighting THEIR loss not mine as a seller, they still are deaf to changing it back.  Their technical advice 6 months ago to solve my problem (remember this comes from a guru earning at least 100k a year, I am guessing to program ebays search engines,  was this prize morsel of technical brilliance......".Put the word of your category (ie Classical) in the 80 character heading of your listing"

.  Oh BRILLLIANT  !!  he gets paid HOW MUCH for that glorious solution??? and that would only work for frustrated buyers with enuff lateral thinking once they found the cupboard bare in the categories search, to just type that word in the general search bar.  NOT to mention I highly prize each and every one of my 80 characters in the product heading as they are primary search items, and he wants me to blow some of them away to put a band aid on their never to be fixed stuff ups.   I wish I could find a cushy job as a programmer paying that much for such technical mastery.  Oh sorry I am not a programmer,,,,,,,,,,,,but it would seem based on their current talent pool I shouldn't let that stop me applying for the job eh?

That is why I list all my items that have a REMOTE chance of having a sale to an overseas client DIRECTLY on the UK or USA domain that the potential buyer will be searching on.  Read my other guides for other small pitfalls or potential handicaps that you may need to be aware of, if you follow my logic here and sell on ebay , but NOT THROUGH AUSTRALIAN DOMAIN........So long and thanks for all the fish ebay OZ,  but the ocean here has no life in it, or at least none that the gourmet International buyers can FIND.  because you give them all nets that have gaping holes in and all the little fishies in OZ can NOT get caught by them.

Pleaase vote for my guide so other sellers in particular can find this guide(and  confirm what they may have already known)

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