Catheters for Incontinence

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You will often hear about Catheters for Incontinence.

There are several types that can be used for different applications.

The Indwelling Catheter is often referred to as the Foley Catheter which is inserted into the Patient usually in a Hospital after Surgery but is also used by people at Home who need this device to assist in removing Urine. The Cather is has a balloon which is filled with sterile water after insertion which blows up the Balloon to ensure the catheter stays in the Bladder. This Catheter is then connected to a Urine Bag which is either worn as a leg bag for mobility or a larger bag which hangs on the bed at night. These Catheters are recommended for indwelling for 30 Days.
The Foley Catheter can be Latex or Silicone but obviously the 100% Silicone is more expensive.
Some people are latex sensitive so they would use the Silicone.
The Foley Catheter is usually a 2 Way however you can get 3 Way types for irrigation requirements.

The other type of Catheter is the Intermittent Catheter which is used for temporay relief to void the Bladder. This is done intermittently as the person requires it and is then discarded. It is not indwelling as it is single use. These Catheter are also called Nelaton Catheters.

The incidence of Urinary Tract Infection can be reduced following clean use of these devices and there is also a fully enclosed sterile Nelaton Catheter available which has a fully enclosed sterile bag. This is ideal for anyone with a disability where it is difficult to determine infection.



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