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Since the dawn of time man-kind has used crystals, colours, herbs and rituals to soothe and heal our bodies, minds and souls. We dress our bodies and decorate our homes with colours and textures that please and soothe us and that we are comfortable with. Our gardens are full of plants that help sustain us and the birds and animals that live in our environment. We utilise the items provided by nature for our own and  our families health and well being as well as that of our community.

We look to nature to maintain good health physically, mentally and etherically. Colour therapy and crystal healing assist us to maintain our well being along with good diet and medical advice.

I have chosen these crystals to use as the basis for my Chakra Stones, I find this combination works well for me, different people have different needs and may require different crystals from the colour group for any one or more of the Chakra positions. There are many different combinations, all giving excellent results for colour and crystal healing, aura cleansing, clearing blocks from the etheric body and meditation just to name a few of the many benefits that may be gained for our personal or professional lives.

First: Base. The Root Chakra  is situated at the base of the spine (coccyx) and relates to our body and our ability to master our health, constitution and security, this is where we connect to the material world. Hematite is my choice for its grounding and strengthening properties. Hematite dissolves negativity and protects the soul, enhances mental capabilities, reduces stress also strengthening and energising both the physical and etheric bodies. Colour Red - Black. Gems Garnet, Ruby, Hematite.

Second: Sacral. The naval Chakra is situated in the lower abdomen and is associated with giving and receiving, it is tied to physical feelings of love and sexuality and reproduction. It also focuses on creativity and generosity. I like Carnelian for this Chakra for its ability to strengthen memory and inquisitiveness. Carnelian aids concentration and dispels apathy. It enhances attunement with our inner selves, soothes pain and aids business success. Colour Orange. Gems Amber Carnelian, Coral.

Third: Solar Plexus. This Chakra is situated just above the navel and is the focal point for our force of will and sense of transformation. Our concentration and the control of our personal energies originate from here. Self love and joy influenced my choice of Citrine for this Chakra. Citrine raises self esteem and self belief while encouraging happiness and generosity. It also attracts abundance to your life and ensure good sleep when placed under the pillow. Colour Yellow. Gems Amber, Citrine, Gold.

Fourth: Heart. This Chakra is located at the center of the chest and is the area for love and understanding. This also allows us to feel forgiveness and compassion whilst radiating balance and harmony. I like Rose Quartz for this Chakra as it balances, heals and rejuvinates the emotions and is a very loving crystal that is gentle and nurturing. Colours Pink - Green. Gems Rose Quartz, Aventurine.

Fifth: Throat The throat Chakra is located above the top of the sternum and is a focal point for communication, this Chakra helps us to put thoughtful words to feelings of truth, honesty kindness and wisdom. Blue Howlite suits this Chakra for its ability to aid in expression and communication, It also reduces stress while encouraging patience, discernment and refinement. Colour Sky Blue. Gems Blue Howlite, Blue Topaz, Turquoise.

Sixth: Brow, The Third Eye Chakra is located in the forehead above our eyes. It is related to our perception beyond the physical realm. Imagination, insight and intuition eminate from this Chakra and clairvoyance is focused here along with wisdom and peace of mind. Sodalite is a good choice for this Chakra as it rationalises and aids clear thinking bringing clarity and truth. It enhances creative expression and clear thinking it also improves endurance.  Colour Indigo. Gems Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Sapphire.

Seventh: Crown. The Crown Chakra is situated at the top of the head and is directly associated with dealings of the mind and spirit. It helps us to explore our conciousness and our place in time and space. This is where we connect with our higher self and all things associated with inspiration and divine wisdom. Amethyst is a lovely crystal for the Crown Chakra as it promotes spiritual wisdom and intuition. It also enhances memory and improves motivation. Amethyst allows courage for the wearer and is protective for travellers. Ideal for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities. Colour Violet. Gems Amethyst, Diamond, Quartz Crystal.


Chakra Bracelets Hand made from quality gem stone and crystal beads. Made from the seven colours and gem stones of the Chakra, these bracelets give the wearer a sense of peace and assist the aura and the etheric body to heal and be cleansed while going about you daily business.

                                                                                                                        Written by Angie M




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