Chanel Skincare - some thoughts on the Precision range

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Chanel Skincare- some thoughts on the Precision Range

I've been using Precision for awhile so I thought I'd put down some thoughts on some the current range.

Precision Eye Protection (15ml /0.5 oz)

This is a good product for someone who just needs a basic eye cream. It comes in a skin tone colour and the pump pack is pretty easy to use. The only criticism I have is that it tends to dry out quickly - if your skin doesn't absorb it 100% you will have flakes of the cream left on your face!

If you expose your skin to a decent amount of sun you might want to try another eye cream in the range, one which has an SPF.

Precision System Eclat Mousse (150ml/5oz)

I started using this product after some of the original cleansing range got retired (was a great fan of Gel Tendre!) So far so good. The Mousse does provide a light foam which results in a reall clean feeling. The only criticism I had is that if you get this in your eyes it does sting- something which I've never experienced with the other Precision cleansers I've used.

Precision Performance Anti Tahces (Dark Spot Corrector Roll-On) (10ml/0.34oz)

This cute little roll on (it's shorter than 15 cm) is really easy to transport and use. Essentially you use it as you would a liquid paper pen (but unfortunately results don't show up that quickly!). The theory is that you apply it to any freckles/sun spots you may have and over time they will fade. Note that it won't impact moles so don't even try. To be honest I've only used it adhoc and haven't been able to see any results. That said, you're supposed to use it regularly and probably in conjunction with the rest of the Blanc Purete range. Surprisingly the 10ml size goes a long way - you're only using a tiny bit of the clear liquid each time.

Precision Blanc Purete Whitening Protective Fluide (50 ml/1.7oz)

Another part of Chanel's whitening range. You might find this hard to purchase in Australia, but if you buy from overseas sellers or when you're in Asian countries you'll find it easier to locate. I found this fluid didn't feel as moisturising as other parts of the range, and at times the lotion felt a little thin and pasty. I can't say that I noticed a great difference in the colour of my skin- but maybe it takes long term (i.e a year +) to see visible results.

Just a tip: if you use some of the whitenting products without an SPF it may be wise to stay out of the sun for a couple of hours, or use them only at night. A friend in the industry was telling me that it the whitenting range can make your skin more sensitive to the sun just after it gets applied. 

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