Change your wardrobe for the new season for cheap

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This guide for both men and women explains how to change your wardrobe for this new season without spending too much money or just gives you advices on how to be sure to buy clothes that you will fit in.

1. First, be sure that you perfectly know your size for different types of clothes; shoes, pants, dresses, T-shirts, polo, sweaters, jackets. Pay attention, some marks use different sizes compared to other marks. Differences of size also exist between the US sizes, UK and European. It is sometimes difficult to value the size of a dress that you cannot try. Don't hesitate to ask some questions to the sellers if they don't provide any complementary information in relation to the lengths and widths of the articles. To help you easily to find an article of your choice, use the columns of research provided by Ebay, called clothing finders. Then you can browse your appropriate size and define easily what type of clothes you are currently looking at. Those columns on the left are essential to find clothes at your size. You can even select the colour, the style, the fabric and the condition. The keyword bar helps you to find a specific brand or specific detail that you are looking for.

2.Some items are brand new, some are second- hand. If you bid on a second hand item, be sure that this item has no default or stain. Ask the seller to provide more photos of this item to be sure that you can still wear this clothe. Also try to buy from reputable sellers that have many good feedbacks. Buying brand name is also a better choice as you will be certain about the quality expected. But try to avoid sellers that have brand names items like Ralph Lauren for a few dollars. Especially if the item comes from Asia it could be probably just a fake copy of a brand name made on very low quality.

3.Once you have select your size and different aspects of the item you are looking for, you can try to start biding. You can class the items by Price or Time Left. It is good to class your items by price if you are looking for “Buy it Now” items only.

4. You can save money on postage if you buy several items from the same seller. Also be aware of the postage cost, sometimes items at $ 0.99 have postage cost of $30.

5. Finally, it is fairly recommended to pay by PAYPAL for a trouble free and traceable transaction.

Enjoy shopping on Ebay, you can really save a lot of money and time.

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