Changes to Feedback on eBay

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**Important information for buyers and sellers re Feedback.**

eBay recently made changes to their feedback system. Sellers will suffer penalties if anything besides a "5" is left on all Detailed Sellers Ratings (DSRs). You may be hurting your favorite sellers without knowing it. In the end these changes may affects us all. The impact on the buyer can be noticed in, less variety on offer, or maybe price fixation. From all aspects observed, the changes in feedback are at the moment most likely to bring deeper changes than at first observation noticeable. 

So lets try to analyze the new situation.

eBay tells you a "4" rating means the item was accurately described, that you were satisfied with the seller's communication, the item was shipped quickly, and the shipping charges were reasonable - which a person would say is a good thing.
However,  eBay treats a "4" as a request to terminate the Sellers's eBay account, a chance to charge the seller more, and make it difficult for bidders to find that seller's items. The confusion between a 4 in the survey and a 4 in rating is obvious and should be avoided. There is a the moment not a lot that can be done. I know of no communication possible or ongoing with eBay.

So,the almost old fashioned, customer-service approach is (now) more important than ever before:

If you feel that the service and/or item you received does not warrant a "5" rating, please contact the seller so they can resolve any issues for you, otherwise make sure you indicate a rating of "5 stars" on all questions of the Detailed Sellers Ratings (DSR) survey, when leaving feedback.

When there is an issue, give the other a chance to correct, through action and/or communication, or explain, which gives you also a chance to express what fails and see if the other is satisfying your needs. If all fails than the DSR may be the only left to communicate. Note this, DSR can and will have it's function, but the way it is presented at the moment is not-transparent to many.

This is what the Detailed Sellers Rating looks like and it is not always showing.

Detailed Sellers Ratings (DSR)
How accurate was the item description?                                 Very accurate         (Give 5 stars)         
How satisfied were you with the seller's communication?         Very satisfied          (Give 5 stars)
How quickly did the seller ship the item?                                 Very quickly           (Give 5 stars)
How reasonable were the shipping and handling charges?        Very reasonable     (Give 5 stars)

Detailed Sellers Ratings is not always there and I repeat, the confusion lies in this; a rating  4 in the survey is saying 'accurately described' for example, but in the calculation of the rating it can lead to completely different meaning with negative and unintended consequences.

The consequences to the seller,and eventually to the buyer, when its rating indicates on the the following?

*Any rating below 4.9:  Seller pays an additional 5% in fees to sell on eBay
*Any rating below 4.8:  Seller pays an additional 10% in fees to sell on eBay, and listings are demoted in eBay's search - making them harder to find
*Any rating below 4.6:  Seller pays an additional 5% in fees to sell on eBay and loses power seller status. Listings again demoted in eBay's search
*Any rating below 4.3:  Penalty -Seller's listings are moved the the last pages of search results
*Any rating below 4.1:  Penalty - Seller is no longer allowed to list on eBay. (eBay's policy of banning sellers at a 4.1 rating)

reference: Seller performance standards

Thank you for your time
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