Changing Ford Fiesta Wiper Blades

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Changing Ford Fiesta Wiper Blades

The Fiesta, one of Ford’s most popular models in the world, was named Australia’s Best Small Car in 2004 and is still going strong. Many car parts sellers sell replacement wiper blades that can be bought online. It’s relatively easy for car owners who don’t have car maintenance experience to fit them. Wiper blades for all sorts of models - including the Ford Fiesta - tend to come without fitting instructions at all or offer instructions that are woefully inadequate. Despite the lack of good instructions, most motorists are able to remove their old wiper blades and install new ones by following a few tips. It is, for example, always best to remove one wiper blade at a time, rather than all three. This way, drivers can determine how to fit the new blades by reversing the actions they performed when they removed the old blades. With all three blades removed, it is easy to forget how one was taken off or get confused about the way each blade fits in the wiper arms.


Steps For Changing Wiper Blades On a Ford Fiesta

It’s important to work methodically when changing wiper blades. Drivers should start with the blade that sits over the driver’s section of the windscreen and then progress to the passenger side before changing the rear windscreen’s wiper blade, if required. Depending on the age of the Ford Fiesta in question, the release and fitting mechanism will differ, so it is best to search for new wiper blades with the production year of the car in mind.

Taking Off Old Hook-Mechanism Wiper Blades

Certain Ford Fiesta models employ hook mechanisms on their wiper arms to hold the blades in place securely. To remove a hook mechanism, drivers must lift the wiper arm up fully and swing the old blade around so that it is facing upward. A clip holds the blade onto the hook. It simply needs to be pushed in and downward so that the old blade can slide off from the hook.

Fitting a New Hook-Mechanism Wiper Blade

Fitting the new blade involves sliding it onto the hook and pushing the clip until it snaps into position with a click. Certain Ford Fiesta rear windscreen wiper arms have a hook that goes through the middle of the blade. In such cases, slide the arm through the hole and hold the blade at an angle so that is can be pulled diagonally upwards onto the wiper arm’s hook. A click will confirm that it has been fitted securely.

Taking Off Old Button-Release Wiper Blades

Drivers replace button-release wiper blades by lifting the Fiesta’s wiper arm up and locating the small, square button on top of the arm. The button can be pushed with a thumb - no tool is required. The wiper blade is attached underneath the arm. By pushing the button, the wiper blade can be released easily. Drivers simply slide the wiper blade away from the wiper arm in the direction that is furthest from the base of the arm.

Fitting a New Button-Release Wiper Blade

Drivers install button-release wiper blades by locating the fitment, which is at the apex of the curve of the blade. At the middle of this section is a little rocker which slides into the wiper arm in the reverse process the driver used to remove the old blade. The rocker gives the blade the flexibility it needs to wipe over the curved surface of the Fiesta’s windscreen. During installation, the rocker is pushed into the wiper arm, and the square button on the rocker’s top pops into place in the corresponding opening.


How to Buy Ford Fiesta Wiper Blades on eBay

One of the best places to look for replacement sets of wiper blades on eBay is in the ‘Vehicle Parts & Accessories’ section. It is always advisable to enter the year of the Ford Fiesta model and the term “wiper blades” into the eBay search bar so that the right sort of fittings are returned in the search results. Buyers should make sure that the rear windscreen wiper is included with any sets featured in the search results because many of them will only have two blades in a pack.



Before buying new wiper blades, buyers should examine the wiper arms of their Ford Fiesta to confirm that they order the correct type for the car. It’s important to read a seller’s eBay rating from other buyers before making a transaction. In addition, shoppers ask about shipping and handling costs prior to buying windscreen blades.

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