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I recently sent an item to a person in Victoria Australia. and was really busy that day and forgot to register it. I had the receipt to say it went to post code 3094. I received an Email from the buyer about 3 days later saying he hadn't received it.I told him it was a bit early to receive it knowing Australia Post it would take a bit longer than that and never heard anymore from them. I assumed they had received it and thought no more about it, when about 2 weeks later received an Email from Paypal stating that they  had slapped a Chargeback on me and froze ALL my money in my account, of which 3 sales were NOTHING to do with the original Chargeback. Paypal have never given me any consideration about explaining what had happened over the phone.They could have telephoned me and we could have discussed it man to man, but NO, I was guilty immediately.To make things  worse, my wife received a letter from a collection agency stating that SHE owed money to Paypal which is ridiculous considering that Paypal state that they take many weeks to investigate a Chargeback claim and my wife received this from the collection agengy about 3to 4 weeks after the chargeback was lodged.My wife has had nothing to do with this Chargeback issue whatsoever.My local MP is looking into this and I have contacted a Solicitor to try and get this sorted out.I will NEVER NEVER use Paypal again and the case is still pending with no solution. Paypal never even looked at my feedbacks to see that I am a reputable person and have been with Ebay for 5 years using Paypal for a good percentage of the time and would have nothing to gain by trying to con someone,and yet the people that made the complaint against me were on Ebay for three weeks and changed their user ID and were then on Ebay for two more weeks and are now off Ebay all together.It seems to me that Paypal think they are a law unto themselves, Sellers BEWARE.


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