Charm Beads: Choose The Best Combination

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As you consider buying your first piece of jewelry featuring charm beads, remember, you remain in control of the look and style. A wide range of options are available to you. This means you can select the type of combination that works ideally for your look. You can create a look that is more retro or one that is a totally girl look. The key is to choose the right beads to complete the bracelet.

Not Just Beads?

Although you can create a bracelet featuring just charm beads, you do not have to do so. You can add a wide range of trinkets to this piece of jewelry, including gemstones, spacers and even a wide selection of trinkets representing all of your favorite things. Be as creative as you would like to be, but make it your own.

Creating the Bracelet

If you are considering just using charm beads, or mostly beading, consider a few tips to help make the finished piece look great.

* Choose beads based on color and size. You want the theme to relate to each other appropriately. Avoid putting contrasting colors next to each other because this can be confusing to the eye.

* Use spacers, too. Spacers are small pieces of jewelry that fill space between the beads. These will add a bit of cushion and they help to draw attention to the individual bead. Use these when you want more focus on these specific features.

* Do use contrasting materials. This can add more texture and appeal to the piece. A good option, for example, is to pair gems up with wooden pieces. This allows the individual pieces to stand out.

* You can also move things around to get a different look. Try a variety of organizations to find the one just right for you.

With so many options available to you for your bracelet, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your selection. Try to choose pieces that relate to you, such as your favorite color or style. You may also want to choose pieces that add some drama or surprise, such as by adding a bright color or a unique design.

One of the most important things to remember about this type of jewelry is that the finished piece can be anything you want it to be. Choose charm beads that you think are fun and interesting. After all, you will be wearing these for a long time to come. Be sure you love the look.
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