Charms and Charm Bracelets - The Perfect Gift Idea

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I recall my mother’s charm bracelet as being something very special to her. Over the years she had collected a variety of charms – both gold charms and silver charms - each of the charms representing a memorable occasion or event in her life. The stories behind each of the charms provided us with many happy times as Mum relayed when and why she had bought the charm jewellery on that silver charm bracelet.

My Mum’s charm bracelet was quite traditional in character – she was always fond of charm jewelry but in her day most of these came as gold charms, silver charms or perhaps sterling silver charms. My Mum had bought the majority of the charms herself – collecting them over the years. Two I recall had been given to her by my Dad – good luck charms he gave her when she was travelling overseas without him to participate in singing competitions.

Charm Bracelets - find an endless range of charms

While charm bracelets went out of style a little during the 1980s and 1990s they have recently become popular again as more modern versions come on the market. In some aspects the concept behind a charm bracelet has also changed in that they are now often given as a gift with a number of charms already attached. In my view if you are purchasing a charm bracelet then it is better to give it with just the one charm so that a friend receiving it can then add to it as my Mum did. While traditionally charms were generally gold or silver charms these days there are a wide variety of porcelain and bead charms such as the recently launched Pandora charms you see in the shops today. The Pandora charms are pretty funky and have wide appeal to younger girls. The charm bracelets often include sterling silver charms, but the more recent Pandora bracelets range includes leather-like straps. The Pandora charms themselves are very modern in design (sterling silver jewelry is often preferred by younger girls) and you will easily find a charm to represent the friendship you have with a particular girlfriend. The beads and charms (also made of gold or silver) reflect all sorts of emotions and messages – romantic occasions, fun times, particular characteristics, unforgettable moments.

I think it is the modern designs of charms that has given them greater appeal to young people today. A charm bracelet or charms themselves have so much more character and variety. They can be as colourful or more sophisticated in their look – they can compliment evening wear as well as summertime beach gear – and look terrific on your wrist or ankle – a truly special and uniquely personal piece of jewellery.

The variety of Pandora charms is extensive – there are silver and pink leather bracelets with a single charm, red hot love enamel heart charms, mix and match pendants and the like. The charm jewelry is all made from good quality materials and can include semi precious stones and pearls. The designs are clean and modern as a general rule – and as noted before can be playful or classy depending on the occasion.

There is no doubt that charms today are as popular as they were in my mother’s youth and continue to reflect special moments for those who wear them.

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