Cheap is really expensive.

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Most of us hunt for bargains on eBay or elsewhere. It's ok to be calculative and get stuff lower price. However some cases we miss the point. Too much demand for cheap products creates new line of business model. Opportunist China origin greedy manufacturers sees the hunger of consumers and they find the way to give us the stuff really "cheap".  In order to manufacture something cheap they need to lower the cost, not mention about slave workers or prisoners but they also skip essential health guidelines to reduce the cost further. For end users things seem ok. Since its cheap we don't really care if the stuff doesn't last. So we buy again and again. So much waste. Eventually it becomes more expensive when we calculate the total cost excluding the environmental cost. 

It doesn't stop there, it goes even further.  According to statistics cancer rate is increasing dramatically especially those caused by toxic chemicals. Independent concern groups and researchers found huge amount of toxic chemicals in many china origin mass produced "cheap" products. Currently eBay and many other shops flooded with them. We can't expect business owners like eBay or bosses of value stores to safeguard us from toxic products. Solution is in our hands, we need to change our habits, we should learn to resist. We should change our mindset when we buy stuff. Don't buy the products are made by irresponsible countries to threaten our future with terror and greed. As much as possible buy more local and fair trade goods. Buy stuff that have least or no toxic ingredients. 

There are still many products are not made in china, there are products can last longer.  Make a priority list, if locally made then buy it then try to choose among following origins, Japan, US, Europe, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. If you have no choice then you may buy the product even made in china by verifying the product made by reputable/responsible company and the product is genuine. 

Such demand will help more globally sustainable and balanced business practice. Together we can achieve. 
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