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Things you didn’t know about the international insect taxidermy trade.

A majority of people do not realize that most bugs are stolen from the wild and are purposely killed for the sole purpose of being framed. They are caught in nets, pinched (suffocated) and are either spread straight away or placed in an envelope and stored for later.
When you are buying an insect frame it is always good to read the description carefully. Look for items that say "cruelty free", "eco friendly" or "farmed" (farmed butterflies come from butterfly education centres and have also died of natural causes)
By purchasing an item that specifies this, you are buying a product that does not support;

- Deforestation
- Animal/ Insect cruelty
- Illegal poaching
- Illegal trade
- Child labor

As a result, a lot of beautiful butterfly species are becoming so rare that they are now being listed as endangered. If you are not sure whether they are endangered or not, you can search for the common and scientific name on the CITES website.
An example would be the Ornithoptera specimens. These giant birdwings were highly sought after in the wild so much that they have now been added to this CITEs list. In order to obtain these beautiful specimens you need to have documentation and an import license just to get them in to Australia. They will then be thoroughly checked and investigated by customs to make sure they came from a farm or sanctuary, and not illegally poached.
If you are unsure on a seller just send them a message or seek them on Facebook/ Google, and ask the question "where are your butterflies sourced?". A reputable seller should respond advising if they are cruelty free.
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