Check Sellers Credentuals BEFORE Buying

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The sellers page is full of information. You can use it to check their feedback and their reputation. Any negative is a concern to the buyer, read the feedback, check ID history, do they change ID's often, how many have they sold, are they selling a wide range of goods, or specialised goods aimed at a niche market. A seller with many sales won't want to risk his good reputation with fraud or deception, whereas a seller with a dozed feedbacks may not care about reputation. Ask the persons giving the negative feedback for their opinion and clearer reasons why it was posted. They may have got it wrong originally! Ask for shipping price if it is absent on the listing. Verify purchase with others. Aim to make friends on Ebay, not enemies. Notice what you buy and the common ID's who bid against you. Look how the item is spelt, it may be listed under wrong spelling names. Loose items, especially in diecast toys can be altered, make sure your purchase is authentic, and report ALL fraud, suspicious emails, and mis-use to Ebay. You can help make Ebay safe for everyone
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