Chevrolet Lacetti Optra Kalos remote key fob button pad

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If  buttons in your Chevrolet Lacetti Optra Kalos remote are broken or perished already you need replacement Silicone cover  from polmex_buttons store.
 Our pads are made form high purity LSR Silicone and will not: deform, change shape, become brittle and break unlike original cover. It is a great fix at a fraction of the price of new remote and re-programming.
Our Silicone pad will suit following remotes and many others as long as your remote looks like the one in our picture gallery.
Chevrolet;  Optra, Numbira, Lacetti, Kalos
Holden; Barina, Astra
Suzuki: Forenza, Reno
For more detailed instructions and  images please visit our polmex_buttons store.

To open remote:
1. Unscrew small screw at the back of plastic shell. Praise open remote placing your fingernail in the small cut out located at the key shaft end. Separate all parts: top hard shell part with button key pad, part with electronic board and bottom hard shell part.

2.Next remove old key button pad, from the top part of your remote. Button key pad consists of 2 parts ( buttons part and plastic support frame ) they have to be separated further for your remote to look like the one in the picture above. Just watch for little red plastic light cover that will need to be re fitted later on.
To fit our new Silicone pad please follow steps as below:
- Place new silicone key pad over plastic support frame.
- Next you will need place back red plastic light cover before buttons pad goes in the top part of your remote.
- Once light cover is in, you will place button key pad in top part of the shell.
 - Next you need to position electronic board over the buttons pad.
- Once electronic part sits in you can cover it with bottom part of the hard shell.
- If all components sit in correctly you can close remote by firm pressing and screw to pieces together.
No re-programming is need it.

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