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Being in the retail and wholesale industry for ladies accessories, i.e. handbags, leather shoes, and all ladies accessories, for nearly 10 years, I find that the most important factor in choosing a "good handbag" is not always being the most expensive or simply looking good on the outside. To have a handbag that makes you fill good to carry but also serves the purpose of having the handbag in the first place, there are a few things that we need to pay attention to:


1.  Quality  vs  Price -  Why get a handbag that will only last for a few months, sometimes even only a few wears? Get one that will last for at least a number of years. Of course if you spend huge sum of money to get a bag with a famous brand, that may last you for life, but the question is. do you want to use the same handbag for life? So, the best thing is to get the good quality one that will last for at least 2 years or more but with a price that won't hurt your bank account. Usually it will cost between AU $60 to $99 for non leather and about double for a leather one. Well for all the famous brands, I won't name any in particular, but these companies charge a few thousand percent more that what the bag is worth to cover their expensive advertising and luxurious stores. It is actually sickening to find out the actual costs these super expensive bags are being charged by the manufacturers!

2. Material  -  Many of us love to use leather bags but there are indeed many disadvantage of a leather bag! Not only that leather bag will cost at least double the price of a non leather one, we need to take extra care of the leather ones. For example, do not wet the leather bags as it will damage the leather permanently and cause the leather to peel. This means that it is not recommended to use leather goods in the rainy days. Wallets and purses are fine as they usually are kept inside a handbag but the handbag itself will get damaged easily when it is leather. Dirt is also harder to be removed from leather as constant cleaning will definitely cause damage to the leather as well. With new technology nowadays, the non leather, or faux leather, produced are usually very long lasting and indeed good value for money. Furthermore for those who love the animals, non leather is the best thing to buy!

3. Size  -  This is important! Why get a bag that does not carry the things you need to be carried with you? I have seen ladies carrying bags that are far too small for their need. This actually is worse than carrying an oversized bag as you are guaranteed not to find the things you are looking for quickly. Can you imagine searching frantically for that something when you're in a hurry? On another hand, having the bags that are too big for your needs will not only look silly and impractical but also will totally change the look of the bags what it is intended to look, This is because the weight of the contents of the bags will shape the handbag itself. If the contents are not heavy enough for a big bag, the bag will only have that empty and "sagging" effect which is usually not a good look. 

4. Lining  -  Do not get bags with poor lining inside. This is for the obvious reason - a bag with torn lining inside is not usable!!

I personally like to get handbags that will separate my "messy bits" like receipts, invoices and business cards from my purse and things that I use regularly, i.e. lipsticks, tissues. So bags with compartments are my favourites! Now of course the bag has to look good and compliments our outfits. This is up to your style and choice.

At CECCI, we cater for all the above. We have a great price tags for the value of the bags because as a small Australian owned company, we rely on words of mouth and quality of our bags to be our selling factors. We do not have expensive advertising campaign or luxurious shops to attract customers but we are confident that the practicality and the quality of our products will invite many customers to return to our store.

The lining of our bags are the same material as an international famous brand's lining material. But instead of making a huge profit from it, we've decided that we use it for the quality of the bag and hopefully that is more powerful than spending the money to hire celebrity to promote our brand or create TV commercials.

We hope that you will give our products a try. We promise that you will not be disappointed!


Happy Shopping with CECCI Store! 

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