Choosing Moped Wheels

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How to Choose Wheels for Your Moped

Moped wheel design is essential to the performance of the overall vehicle because their structure affects the vehicle’s overall handling and speed capabilities. If wheels become damaged from regular use or through accidents, they must be replaced as fast as possible. Choosing the correct wheels means knowing the size, desired brands, and secure wheel installation.


Choosing Correct Moped Wheel Size

The wheel size is important, and it does differ between moped makes and models. The replacements must match the original size of the factory wheels. A user could replace the wheels with a different size, but differences in wheel size will affect the moped’s overall performance. The first thing any potential moped buyer should do is figure out exactly what they plan to use their moped for. This will help inform every buying decision they make, including choosing the right wheel size.
Wheels vary in size from 8 to 16 inches in diameter; 12 inch diameter is the most common wheel measurement. Discovering the proper wheel size is as simple as looking at the sidewall of the tyre. The rim diameter will be engraved on the side of the wheel. Search eBay for both tires and wheels in this diameter to get the best wheels available. The front and back will be different, so do not buy wheels of the same size for both front and back.

Moped Wheel Size Differences

The differences in size matter in a moped’s wheels. Smaller diameter wheels make the moped more manoeuvrable, however, larger wheels allow for more speed. It is important to keep in mind that mopeds in Australia cannot go faster than 50 kilometres per hour, per government regulations. Any moped moving faster than this regulated speed will not be street legal. Keep this in mind when shopping for wheels on eBay.


Choosing Between OEM or Aftermarket Wheels

When choosing vehicle parts, it is important to choose between OEM, or original manufacturer, and aftermarket wheels. This decision can be made before shopping, but researching both on eBay will help compare prices and find the best product for each unique situation.

OEM Moped Wheels

OEM wheels are always manufactured to the exact specifications of the original moped model. Newer moped models will have parts readily available. It is important to remember that manufacturers design the OEM wheels for specific moped makes and models. They are meant to fit their intended model securely. Most of the time, sellers will list OEM wheels according to the brand. For example, Suzuki moped wheels will be referred to by the Suzuki brand, even if the Suzuki company did not actually make the wheel. The biggest drawback to OEM wheels is that they are usually more costly than their aftermarket alternatives.

Aftermarket Moped Wheels

The aftermarket wheels will fit some models in the same manner as some of the OEM wheels. A rider could select the aftermarket wheels either to get the best price or because they can be more aesthetic than their OEM relatives. Customers must make sure the wheels are the right size for the moped. Most aftermarket wheels will list their compatible models. Make sure to message the seller directly if there are any questions.

Straight Comparison


Wheel Type



OEM Wheels

Perfect fit



Less aesthetically pleasing

Aftermarket Wheels

Less expensive

More aesthetically pleasing

Difficult to find compatible models


Choose Tyres Separately

The rubber of the tyres are actually separate entities from the actual moped wheels. The tyres, which take the brunt of the wear and tear, must be replaced far more often than the moped wheels. Make sure the tyres are the correct type and size.


How to Buy Wheels for Your Moped on eBay

Finding the right wheels for a moped is easy when searching on eBay. Simply enter the relevant information, such as “moped wheels”, into the search box at the top of each page. If this search does not return adequate results, try using the “Vehicles” page on eBay. If specific makes or models are desired, use their names in the search bar.
One of the other significant benefits of using eBay to find a moped is the ability to quickly and easily compare different models depending on the specific type of moped desired. In addition, eBay’s seller review system helps buyers identify sellers who have a reputation for providing high-quality products, so that buyers don’t waste time or money on products that fall below their expectations.
There are a lot of different options to choose from when looking to buy a moped. Everything from wheel choice to model size and brand can play a significant role in the purchasing decision.

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