Choosing The Correct Sewing Machine Needle

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Choosing the  correct sewing machine needles
Sewing machine needles are available in a large variety of sizes and point styles . Selecting the right needle for the fabric you plan to sew is one of the fundamental steps to achieving a successful result.
Machine Needles come in sizes ranging from sizes Metric Size 60  to 120 (Imperial Sizes 8 to 20). This size essentially represents the thickness of the needle. The lower the number, the finer the needle.

When sewing, the thread lies in the needle groove, if the needle is too fine for the thread, the thread will not fit into this groove causing faulty stitching.

The needle must also be in perfect condition. Stitching problems can occur from using a needle that is either blunt, bent or if the tip has been damaged.
It is always advisable to change your needle when you start a new project or after 8 hours of sewing.
Chart of sewing machine needles and their uses 
Ball Point For cotton knits, interlock rib knits,fleece,double knit, Ultrasuede, and most other knit fabrics. Ballpoint tip prevents the needle from piercing & breaking the fibres
Embroidery For  embroidery with rayon , polyester cotton , or acrylic embroidery thread.
Specially coated, the larger eye allows smooth thread flow.
Also available in titanium
Jeans/Denim For denim, canvas, and other tightly woven fabrics. Also ideal for top stitching woven fabrics,
Leather For genuine leather, Chisel point penetrates difficult to sew projects. Not to be used for textiles or synthetic suede or leather
Metallic Larger, specially coated eye for metallic thread flow at all speed levels, the large groove in shaft prevents thread breaks
Quilting For piercing and quilting layers of cotton fabric and batting, Long, sharp point penetrates multiple layers and maintains straight stitches
Also available in titanium
Self Threading For sewers with thread- handling and or vision challenges.
Stretch For Knits with two - way stretch (ie lycra) rubber in swimwear, lingerie and for sewing elastic.
Sharps For silks , micro fibre fabrics and for densely woven fabrics.
Topstitch Extra large eye accommodates thick topstitching thread.
Twin/Triple For heirloom sewing and decorative topstitching,
Universal For most woven fabrics.
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