Choosing The Right Winch To Handle Your 4wd

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Here are some of our tips when choosing the right winch for you.....  
Because the high forces generated when using a winch create potential safety hazards, careful consideration should be given the winch selection process.  

  •  When selecting a winch you need to consider the gross vehicle weight and winch’s line pull.  
    Gross vehicle weight contains your vehicle’s curb weight and the weight of the supplies and equipments carried.Generally speaking, you need a winch with a maximum line pull of at least 1.5 times greater than the gross vehicle weight.   
  • The winch can pull up a slope of a particular gradient and surface resistance. The rolling pull varies with gradient and the resistance of the wheels on the surface.  
    How steep is the slope or ramp? To determine the grade of the incline, measure the height and the length of the ramp. 
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