Choosing Your Greenhouse

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Choosing Your Greenhouse

The greenhouse should accommodate both your gardening needs and the amount you have in your budget. We can help you determine what greenhouse is best for you.
1. What size greenhouse?
We have found most hobby greenhouse owners find they need a larger greenhouse than they originally thought. Upgrading later on may be more costly than ordering a larger unit initially.
2. How will you use your greenhouse?
Are you planning to use your greenhouse for growing year-round vegetables and flowers, or for starting seeds to plant in an outdoor garden? If this is the case, a warm greenhouse, tightly sealed, with high light transmission is what you need.
3. How deluxe does your greenhouse need to be? 
Locking doors, heavier polycarbonate, heaters, automatic fans, digital thermometers, along with other greenhouse accessories help make the greenhouse more enjoyable. All add to the quality of the greenhouse.
Most greenhouse owners add these amenities as they determine their needs, and as they gain more experience with the greenhouse.
4. Do I need a permit for my greenhouse?
Check your local council for required setbacks from property lines, design specifications, and other requirements. Most hobby greenhouses do not need a permit., but you may want to check.
5. What should my greenhouse be made from?
Gardeners have been building greenhouses for years from many types of materials. Wood, steel, plastic, PVC, fiberglass, polyethylene and glass have been and are still being used today.  SydneySun choose aluminum and twin wall polycarbonate for its greenhouses.

Here is the reason we chose these materials:

    •    Aluminum is among the lightest yet strongest framing alloys known. It offers strength as well as long term durability and reliability.
    •    Twin-wall polycarbonate, is safe. (almost unbreakable), lightweight and easy to work with. It has an UV-resistant surface and because of its double-wall it offers up to 40% better insulation than single pane glass.
    •    It transmits 83% of visible light and is 15% the weight of double pane glass. These greenhouses are built to withstand heavy wind gusts and snow loads. We believe they are simply among the most reliable greenhouses made. For these reasons we offer a 12-year guarantee.

To receive maximum efficiency from your greenhouse, you should locate the greenhouse:

    •    Where it will receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight during the winter months.
    •    A good site would also be sheltered from the high winds with the door opposite the sternest wind.
    •    It is most convenient if it is located near electricity and a water source.
    •    If possible avoid placing the greenhouse in shaded areas, this will prove the most efficient in gathering sunlight during the winter. Remember the sun is much lower during the winter. 


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