Choosing a Bed Frame on a Budget

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Choosing a Bed Frame on a Budget

Choosing a bed frame is ultimately a matter of personal choice, but buyers should still consider a few things prior to making a purchase. This is especially true for those who are looking for a budget bed frame. Among the important factors to take into account are space, personal style preferences, and price. It can often be difficult to find an affordable bed frame to have all the qualities the consumer prefers. However, by learning more about various types of bed frames and taking the time to shop around for a suitable one, buyers can make sure they make a good choice.

Things to Consider Before Spending Money on a Bed Frame

Buyers who are on a budget may often feel tempted to buy the cheapest bed frame available in a store. Rushing is never a good idea, and buyers should take the time to analyse some basic elements prior to parting with their money. One of the first things to consider is the style of the bed frame. This should match the existing decor of the bedroom. The size of the room and the amount of furniture in it are other essential factors to take into account.

Bed Frame Size

When choosing the size of a bed frame, buyers should consider both their space and budget. It may be difficult to locate a king-size bed frame on a budget. Buyers should also keep in mind that they would also need a mattress in the same size, which adds to the cost. The chart below illustrates the main bed frame sizes available in stores.

Bed Size



Single Size

36 by 75

90 by 190

Small Double Size

48 by 75

120 by 190

Double Size

54 by 75

135 by 190

King Size

60 by 78

150 by 200

Super King Size

71 by 78

180 by 200

To select the right size of bed frame for a given room, buyers should measure out the location where they intend to place the bed. They should allow some extra space for footboards or headboards if they plan to purchase them as well. One should make sure there is enough amount of space left in the room to move around comfortably.

Bedroom Decor

Because bed frames come in a wide range of styles and materials such as wood or metal, buyers should select a model that fits well in their room decor. From traditional styles to modern ones, there are multiple styles of beds to choose from. Those who are looking for a touch of elegance may opt for a sleigh bed frame, for example, whereas those who would like to complement a contemporary decor may want to choose a metal bed frame.

Bed Frame Budget

Bed frames are available in a wide variety of prices, ranging from affordable to expensive designs. The size and the design of the bed are two of the factors that mostly influence the price of a bed frame. Buyers who are on a budget may choose to keep down the cost of a bed frame by opting for one that is on the smaller side and does not feature too fancy a design. Setting a budget prior to starting the search for a bed frame and sticking to it is a good way to keep spending under control.

Types of Bed Frames

Beds come in various style and designs, and it sometimes may be difficult to choose the most suitable one for a certain room and budget. From design to colour, there are many things to decide on. Some of the most popular types of bed frames are platform bed frames, sleigh bed frames, mission bed frames, four post bed frames, bunk bed frames, and canopy bed frames. Most of these bed frames are available in simple or more elegant designs. Buyers should also think about head and footboards prior to making a decision, as these may add to the initial cost of the bed frame.

Tips for Buying a Used Bed Frame

One of the best ways to get a high-quality bed frame on a budget is to have a look at pre-owned beds. By choosing to purchase a used bed frame , buyers can get a bigger and nicer one than they could get by shopping for a new bed. There are, however, some things to think about when deciding to shop for a used bed frame. Consumers should make sure the item they buy is in good condition and not too old. They should also make sure they can arrange for affordable transportation, as this adds to the total cost they have to pay for their bed.

How to Buy a Bed Frame on eBay

Shopping for an affordable bed frame, whether new or used, is easy on eBay. The website offers a large selection of bed frames in all sizes and styles, available from sellers around the country. You can find special offers in theeBay Deals section. To start the search for a bed frame on eBay, type these terms into the search bar of the website and browse through the results. Find what you need quicker by narrowing down the results by price, colour, style, location of the vendor, and more. Checking out the product description and the photos provided by the seller is a good way to make sure the bed frame is perfectly suitable for your bedroom.

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